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DECK II 2.6.1

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Came from a CD full of Pro Tools, TDM, RTAS, VST and other applications, found elsewhere on this website.

Information provided below is from this link:

With Deck II v2.5, Bias provides you with a truly (Mac-platform only) virtual recording-, editing-, mixing- and postproduction studio within your Mac. Deck II runs on any AV-Mac with stereo input, on any PowerPC with stereo input and on Macs equipped with DigiDesign or ProTools digital audio gear.

Deck II comes in a box, combined with SoundEdit 16v2, a package that Marcomedia already sold for a longer time. About tow years ago, Macromedia bought the OSC-company, the makers of Deck II. By doing so, Macromedia saved Deck II from fading away from the market (OSC was too small to support such a heavy pachage by its own) which would have been a great loss to the professional audio industry. Recently, Macromedia sold the audio range (both Deck and SoundEdit) to Bias.

The box contains a CD-ROM with an easy install of both packages and some very nice additional stuff, plus two well written documentation books on both packages. The Deck II book alone is 341 pages thick, clearly written, well indexed and richly documentated with screenshots.

Deck II itself is the very best tool we ever had in the eCompany AudioGroup Studios. We use it every day for recording, editing and postproduction and never had such an easy working tool on our hands. And at a very reasonable cost. And: without additional hardware, though Deck II works with digital audio-hardware such as DigiDesign and ProTools as well. We use DigiDesign in our studios, but tested Deck II for this review on a regular PowerMac without extra audio gear, as most of you will have gone to the bottom of their money possibilities already when buying a PowerMac. Musicians aren't the richest people on earth. Well, most of them...

Architecture: PPC