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Dave 2.1.2

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DAVE_V2.1GM.sit_.hqx (2.63 MB)
MD5: df93d38fc14de426f74a93f0d548a9a5
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"With DAVE, Macs can talk to PCs or other Macs directly through TCP/IP, rather than using AppleTalk. Macs can use shared PC hard drives and PostScript printers on a Microsoft network, and PC users can do the same. Macs can view network devices through the Chooser, and PCs can see Macs running DAVE via their Network Neighborhood icon.

DAVE is the first and only cross-platform networking solution of its kind. DAVE uses the fast, industry standard TCP/IP protocol instead of AppleTalk and is designed specifically for the Apple Macintosh. It is installed on the Macintosh and no additional hardware or software is required on the PC."

Other versions of Dave posted here require a PPC or at least System 7.6. I can confirm this installs and functions on 7.5. Install is a bit fiddly as it requires a disk named "DAVE 2.1" containing the files in the archive, although the content is too large for a floppy. Creating a Disk Copy image to mount and install from didn't seem to work, but I was able to finally install from a Zip disk.

Serial: 35326 License Code: BDBRPEYISY6161SEU6OWYBBV1P

Architecture: 68k PPC

7.5 - Mac OS 9