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DateBook 1.0

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datebook-v1.sit (295.41 KB)
MD5: dff99076799293fcf34483c17f63b5bd
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6

With DATEBOOK 1.0, you can schedule all your important appointments, sort lists of To Do's by priority, have alarms that pop up to remind you of important events, and many more features.

Disk Copy 4.2 image. StuffIt 3.6 encoded.

There is no installer app, simply mount the enclosed .image and drag the required "DateBook INIT" loose into a System 6 System Folder or into the Extensions Folder for System 7. Then copy the DateBook folder to a location in your hard drive. You do need to restart the Mac in order for the INIT to load.

No serial or personalization required.

See Also: DateBook Pro

Architecture: 68k

The included required "DateBook INIT" (Extension) may cause conflicts with other installed Extensions. Renaming it by placing a "z" in front of the name to force it to load later at System start-up, seems to make it behave better.

When it 1st launches it will display the reminder to a scheduled 1993 meeting with a "Donie Hislop" (screenshot 2 above). This is likely the 1st thing you'll want to disable.