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Das Postleitzahlenbuch

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
das_plz_buch_dos_cd.iso_.sit (21.25 MB)
MD5: 3973df178c22c0025ce16790a7d87c01
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
das_plz_buch_mac_floppy.sit (400.35 KB)
MD5: e5b16fb7a949bc9c3edc5ed1bf907510
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

The 5-digit zip/postal codes used in Germany after its reunion, presented on CD-ROM by the local Postal Service Provider called "Deutsche Post". This is the 3rd edition of the year 1994, where the older 4-digit zip codes has been removed from the database.

Even if it reads "Postleitzahlenbuch" ("Book of Zip/Postal Codes Used In Germany"), the CD-ROM is a standalone application which is independent of the printed edition.


About the downloads above:

Architecture: 68k

System requirements Mac:
Mac OS 7.0 to 9.2.2, 2 MiB of RAM, CD-ROM drive.

System requirements PC:


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by IIGS_User - 2013, April 14 - 7:36pm

Usually, I don't pay much attention to the exact DOS version required by the application/game,
if I'm revisiting Macintosh software. The only reference this site needs about non-Macintosh partitions, is the base engine, not the exact version number required of.