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Dao De Jing

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For System 7.0 - 7.6


This program puts up a window with a random verse from the Dao De Jing by Laozi.

Although the translation isn't necessarily my favorite, it is in the public domain.
The original file is also included (TAOTE10.TXT) with the Project Gutenberg small
print. The file DDJ.TXT is the text only of that file in the format expected by the
application DDJ(FAT). The two DDJ files must reside in the same folder.

DDJ.TXT is the 81 verses of the Dao De Jing each terminated by a hard return. So,
if you feel like keying in your favorite translation of the Dao De Jing, you can
replace the file DDJ.TXT with your own text.

The program is provided as is without any warranties. It is FREEWARE. Do not charge
anybody for this software. If you put it on a CD-ROM, I only ask that all files are
included. These files are: DDJ(FAT), DDJ.TXT, TAOTE10.TXT, README.TXT

Instructions are as follows:
To run it, double-click the file DDJ (FAT). After you have read the quote, you have
two options. 1) You can click the mouse in the DDJ window, or press a key on the
keyboard when DDJ is the front-most window. This will quit the application.
2) You can move the mouse into and out of the Chinese characters on the left, and
this will give you a new quote.

If you like it, please send email. If you are so inclined, please send me a postcard.
Or if you really feel inspired, please send me money or a gift.


David Jenuwine

Aomori-ken, Misawa-shi
Beikoku Misawa Kichi
Box 4632
David Jenuwine