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CornBucket 1.02 PPC

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MD5: 7aa44b654044bdb27b9913d8c04e496f
For Mac OS X
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CornBucket is a Csound score generator that creates "clouds" of sonic grains — short snippets of sound that often blur together and are perceived as a single sound. CornBucket allows you to draw functions of time for several different parameters that guide the evolution of a granular cloud. The functions you draw can be one or more cycles of a simple waveform (sine, triangle, etc.), multiplicative combinations of several simple waveforms, or can be hand drawn. Once you are satisfied with your functions, just hit "Go" and CornBucket calculates all of the parameters for each grain and writes a text score to disk.

Architecture: PPC

CornBucket 1.02 is a port from CornBucket 1.01 to Apple's Carbon framework; basically it now runs "natively" on Mac OS X and continues to run on Mac OS 8 and 9 if you have CarbonLib installed. I have not changed the interface from the previous version. If you still have an older Macintosh computer, you may be interested in Tom Erbe's version 1.01, which is available for PowerPCs or 68K Macs running earlier versions of Mac OS (I think it will probably work on System 6 and later).


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by systemseven - 2021, February 4 - 9:47am

nice! erbe's older stuff is available from his "boneyard":