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CorePlayer Mobile for OS X

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (2.85 MB)
MD5: d5a0daaa5f7d75aed86557d1b0632021
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (2.85 MB)
MD5: 3fd9d3f06825924888e1ba3364328da7
For Mac OS X
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CorePlayer Mobile for OS X is the world's most efficient video player for Macintosh computers which are based on the PowerPC G4/G5 with AltiVec.
Due to its history as a video player for cell phones, it has an extremely well-tuned video playback engine, making it the video player with the fastest codec for H.264 AAC videos. But it has on the down side a very limited support for other video formats and awkward to use GUI.

It is very useful to play all the 720p/1080p videos on older PPC Macs that would not run without massive frame drops otherwise. It is capable of playing 1080p H.264 AAC on a Power Mac G4 MDD with no dropped frames at about 65-70% CPU.

It was never ported to the new Intel-based Macintosh and was discontinued in 2012.

Attention: Only cracked binary of this software is runnable ! (original binary is here for archival purposes only)

Each version of CorePlayer was locked to the Mac serial number that was given by the buyer. The original binary works on all Macs, it only needs a SN matching the Mac hardware ID serial number. Some nice person was successfully to crack that lock protection (see here ) and produced the cracked binary above.

Here are some serial number pairs that were donated to help the cracking efforts:


Mac SN: 4H6110M0SE7
CorePlayer SN: G4R3VB-92L054-CP6C4R-H8SSLZ-DVRZVV

Mac SN: W86050ZMSX0
CorePlayer SN: P808GP-6C05XL-Q6TFT0-TN9VG4-R404GG

The 1st download is CorePlayer Mobile for OS X 1.3.6 (original version).
The 2nd download is CorePlayer Mobile for OS X 1.3.6 (cracked version).

Wayback Machine - Former Homepage of CorePlayer
PowerPC Liberation - A summary of players
YouTube - Comparison of 1080p H.264 video playing with CorePlayer 1.3.6 vs VLC 0.9.10 vs QuickTime 7, running on an iBook G4, 1.33 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM
MacRumours Forum - CorePlayer is no more! RIP
PowerPC Liberation - Warning: Don't attempt to buy CorePlayer!

Architecture: PPC

Power Macintosh
Mac OS X


dronecatcher's picture
by dronecatcher - 2017, December 20 - 9:11pm

Whilst Coreplayer works wonders on 1080P content, I find it's best to also have VLC and Mplayer on all my Macs. Mplayer is the most versatile (and the only real option for h264 on G3s) and can outperform Coreplayer in some respects.
Also, a neglected contender is XBMC, which I'd rate in terms of efficiency not that far behind Coreplayer.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, December 17 - 7:10am

... playing 1080p H.264 AAC on a PowerMac G4 MDD with no dropped frames ...

I'm wondering how this playback performance differs when run in conjunction with Apple's "CoreVideo.framework" that's found in OSX 10.4.11 and 10.5 Leopard, versus without CoreVideo.framework as in OSX 10.4.8 - this DOES run in OSX 10.4.8

player v1.3.6 does not function in OSX Less than Tiger, so are there older versions of player that do ? Also does not function without Altivec, so G3 and older CPUs don't work.

player is finicky about filenames requiring extensions. Playable movies are no longer recognized if I invent or remove their filename extensions. In addition to H.264 this can play other MPEG-4, MP3, MPEG-1, and AVI videos, whereas it hates classic QuickTime movies. You should try changing or adding the filename extension ".mpg" to any movie and then it might play. I can play an H.263 video and it looks mostly ok but is really messed up, so this player (like with every player wtf) has its share of problems.

baku's picture
by baku - 2016, May 9 - 5:28pm


Minimum91's picture
by Minimum91 - 2016, April 23 - 2:31pm

Thanks a ton! Just remembered reading about this 3 years ago and now I couldn't even remember the name, had to look for it. Did not expect for someone to actually crack this, truly amazing!

Also is there any documentation for this? I don't fully understand some settings it offers.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2016, April 8 - 3:25am

Best thing I have heard in a long time...

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, April 5 - 8:51pm

Great news ! Big thank you for the person who managed to crack this application ! Laughing out loud
I uploaded the cracked binary and have completed information for the entry.

beavix's picture
by beavix - 2016, April 5 - 8:05pm

Someone finally cracked this app!!!!!