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Copland D9 (Copland Developer Release: Tools Edition)

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (100.88 MB)
MD5: 20c7c54ddf76af2435bf9047f540c88a
For System 7.0 - 7.6
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Guides on emulating older applications

CoplandD9_CD_PCImage.iso was made by initially making a raw image of the physical disc on a Mac OS X machine via the command line, then processing it on a PC with ISOBuster (Raw2User).

The resultant processed ISO image mounts in Toast 4.1.3 on a 500MHz Power Mac G4 Sawtooth running Mac OS 8.6.

Image is squeaky clean, the software works, installs, and runs!

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only known build of Copland in which the facility to change the desktop picture exists.

MD5 ( = 20c7c54ddf76af2435bf9047f540c88a
MD5 (CoplandD9_CD_PCImage.iso) = bccc5cb632c609c157e6537a151b6427

Audience and Goal for This Release
This release is intended for tools developers only.
Apple’s goal for this release is to assist you in adopting your software development tools to produce simple applications that can launch, open a document, and quit under Copland.

Development Focus for This Release
Porting your development environment to Copland is not the goal of this release. That will be a goal of a later release. Instead, the focus of this release is to enable you to create code that runs under Copland using tools on a computer running System 7.5.

Qualified Software Development Tools
To assist you with your product development, Apple provides the following software development tools for this release:

  • MrC compiler
  • MPW
  • Power Mac Debugger

These tools are available in the Developer Tools folder on the Copland DR-Tools CD.

Excerpt: From included documentation; "Installing & working w/Copland"

Architecture: PPC

Compatibility With System 7 Applications
Consistent with Copland’s goals for System 7 application compatibility, this release runs some mainstream, PowerPC-native applications, and you may find some of your software products run on this release with varying levels of functionality.

Note that printing is not supported in this release of Copland. Also be aware
that 68K emulation is minimal in this release.

Qualified Hardware
To support early Copland development, Apple is providing early developer releases on a limited number of hardware platforms. Apple will continue to add hardware support in subsequent developer releases.

Computer Requirements
Developing and testing software for this release requires two computers: one computer to run this release of Copland, and a debugging computer to run System 7.5 and your development tools. These computers must be connected at their modem ports by a serial cable.

To support debugging features, a computer running this release requires 16 MB of memory.

8 MB of memory is the target for running Copland when it ships to customers. However, to support your development efforts, 16 MB is necessary to run this early release of Copland.

You can use any of the following computers to run this release of Copland:

  • Power Macintosh 6100/60 and 6100/66
  • Power Macintosh 7100/66 and 7100/80
  • Power Macintosh 8100/80 and 8100/100

This release of Copland will not run on the Power Macintosh 8100/110.

Excerpt: From included documentation; "Installing & working w/Copland"


Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2017, September 19 - 12:58pm

Nope. Hardware support is very limited with Copland. D7 and D9 will only run on a PM x100. I used a 6100.

D11 ran on my 7500 (with a 604 CPU) so you should be able to get that one going.

ristar's picture
by ristar - 2017, September 18 - 9:19pm

Can anyone confirm if this works on a PowerMac 8500? I get a "FPU not installed" error when starting the machine.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2017, September 16 - 4:30am

how is this meant to be installed?

The gruesome details are found in the documents "Read Me First!" (1st level of the CD/ISO when mounted) and the PDF document: "Installing & working w/Copland" located inside of the "Open Me First" folder.

I've added the PDF under the "Manual" link above, its the same as what's on the .iso, but its here now so folks can see what's involved without having to DL the zipped .iso first.

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2017, September 15 - 12:34pm

IIRC Copland required two partitions: one with Sys 7 and the other for Copland. You ran the installer in 7 and booted into Copland by (re)starting with Caps Lock on.

ristar's picture
by ristar - 2017, September 14 - 10:10pm

This doesn't appear to be a bootable disc image - how is this meant to be installed?