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CodeWarrior Pro 1

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CWPro1Tools.sit (125.59 MB)
MD5: 196da8be827c7e8f748707354fb3f8fa
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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CWPro_1_Win.sit (376.62 MB)
MD5: 4d6ecf5154e05abfc34584cb9b99f9d8
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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CWPro1Reference.sit (346.40 MB)
MD5: 0fc7c632373875ad34e1adeaaf460cb6
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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CWIDE201Update.sit_.hqx (700.10 KB)
MD5: f2548cf9692b04c4ba04e6b844148bb9
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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CodeWarrior Professional Release 1 is the progressive update from CodeWarrior 11 and the first of the CodeWarrior series to include both the Mac and Windows Tools in a single package.

As operating systems evolve, programming tools must evolve along with them. That's been a difficult task this past year, with Mac OS 8, Rhapsody, Yellow and Blue Boxes, and the rise of Java as a mainstream language. But Metrowerks' release of CodeWarrior Professional 1.0, the follow-on to CodeWarrior 11, isn't a matter of playing catch-up; it's an ambitious attempt to create a Mac programming environment with a promising commercial future.

CodeWarrior Professional includes the current versions of Metrowerks' C, C++, Pascal, and Java compilers in an updated Integrated Development Environment. Because IDE 2.0 lets you select Java machines, Windows 95 and NT systems, and Macs as targets of the same project, CodeWarrior Pro effectively turns a Power Mac into a near-universal development system.

Excerpt: Macworld review October, 1997 (Wayback Machine)

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(Mac Tools, Mac Reference, Win Tools/Reference CDs)

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Architecture: PPC


Gary's picture
by Gary - 2015, May 1 - 12:13pm

There is no need to put CW on your system drive. It can be placed anywhere. However, the Installer WILL add an extension (MetroNub) that is needed to make the debugger work.


alexbuzzbee's picture
by alexbuzzbee - 2015, April 30 - 10:00pm

HOLY CRUD IT'S BIG! That is NOT going on my system disk. Unlike everything else.

MasterDavidGoodmen's picture
by MasterDavidGoodmen - 2013, March 26 - 12:03am

Yes, people did do that. I am not one of them, but I knew people who used it for that.

You need a Wintel box (I believe that is kind-of obvious!), and an RS232 cable. How to set it up, I do not know.

Several people in the BMUG (Berkeley Macintosh User Group) Developer SIG used CodeWarrior, and at least one person in the group worked for Metrowerks.  Therefore, I suspect it might be worth your while to join the post-BMUG group,, Planet MUG
Planet MUG has Macintosh and Wintel people, so says their web site—I am not a member.  Also, I never could afford to buy CodeWarrior—I used MPW (Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop).  Many people loved CodeWarrior, so it must be good! 

PowerPup's picture
by PowerPup - 2012, March 20 - 9:17pm

I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can. (Seem like I remember seeing the option in the New Projects dialog box.) If not I do have the Windows CD uploaded for Pro 1. So if you do write something on a Mac you can take your project over and compile it there. Wink

Note: As this is old software, I'm not sure it will work with Vista/Win 7, probably will with XP using compatibility mode.

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2012, March 2 - 4:00am

WHAT? Is this really the first version to let you write Windows software on Mac..? Can you actually do that? On the CW 11 page, it says *that* version can compile for Windows, but that's an older version. At least it seems to say that, but it might just be slick advertising.

Does anyone know: can you compile Windows software *on Mac* using CW 11? (or this version)