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CodeWarrior Discover Programming Edition

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Mid-1997 version of CodeWarrior Discover Programming Edition for Mac.


An earlier version of the Discover Programming CD, released in late 1996, included a "Discover Extras" folder with high-resolution Bungie press materials. Please upload that disc if you have it.


Discover Programming today!

Whether you've never programmed before or you simply want to learn a new language, this edition of CodeWarrior is designed for you. The Discover Programming Edition not only contains the award-winning Integrated Development Environment found in CodeWarrior Professional, but also includes 8 online books, Apple ® Guide tutorials, and megabytes of sample code to help you get started. With the Discover Programming edition, you can:

learn programming fundamentals
discover programming with 4 different languages: C, C++, Java and Pascal
learn object-oriented programming from the ground up
create programs with the Macintosh look and feel
master PowerPlant, the most popular programming framework for the Mac ® OS
develop reusable Java applets for use on the Internet
quickly create graphical user interfaces with Constructor for PowerPlant(TM) or Constructor for Java

CodeWarrior is the world's first desktop development tools package that offers multiple programming languages within a single Integrated Development Environment (IDE). With one IDE for four languages, you can focus on mastering the language of your choice instead of wasting valuable time learning a new environment. The IDE includes all of the tools you need to program powerful applications for PowerPC® and 68K Macintosh® computers: a powerful project manager, a full-featured source code editor, compilers and linkers, a class browser, a debugger, and other useful development tools. Discover programming and become a CodeWarrior today!

Online Books

  • Learn C on the Macintosh by Dave Mark
  • Programming Starter Kit for Macintosh by Jim Trudeau
  • Learn C++ on the Macintosh by Dave Mark
  • Learn Java on the Macintosh by Barry Boone with Dave Mark
  • From Mac to Windows by Stephen Chernicoff
  • CodeWarrior Programming Practice: Pascal
  • Principles of Programming
  • CodeWarrior Software Development Using PowerPlant by Jan Harrington

Pick your Level

With the Discover Programming Edition, you can choose a comfortable point at which to start or continue your education. If you've never programmed before, start off with Learn C on the Macintosh, the best-selling introduction to C programming by Dave Mark. You'll start with the basics, then move on to learn and master C, one of the most popular programming languages around and a must for aspiring Macintosh programmers. Even if you already know another programming language make Learn C on the Macintosh your first stop.

Picking Up the Toolbox

Once you know C, you are ready to start adding the Macintosh look-and-feel to your programs. Your second stop is the Programming Starter Kit for Macintosh by Jim Trudeau. This book will teach you about windows, graphics, icons, and everything else in the Macintosh Toolbox. Remember, you now have a full, working copy of CodeWarrior, so once you get through this level, you'll be able to start creating real Mac programs of your own!

Moving Up to C++ and Java

Once you know C and you've played with the Macintosh Toolbox, you're ready to move to C++ or Java. C++ is a superset of C, and is the programming language of choice among professional Mac programmers. Java is the programming language that most programmers are using to create cross-platform and Internet applications. Your third stop is Learn C++ on the Macintosh by Dave Mark or Learn Java on the Macintosh, by Barry Boone with Dave Mark...or this may be your first stop if you already know how to program but are wanting to add a new language to your skill set.

From C++ you can begin to master PowerPlant, the most popular C++ programming framework for the Macintosh. Software Development Using PowerPlant , by Jan Harrington is an excellent way to solidify your Macintosh programming skills.

Whatever your skill level, the Discover Programming Edition has a starting point for you. From the fundamentals of programming to the polishing of hard-core coding skills, this package will guide you through your path of choice.

Languages supported

  • C
  • C++
  • Java(TM)
  • Pascal

Target Platforms

CodeWarrior Discover Programming Edition (Mac®) compiles for the Motorola® 68020, 68030, and 68040 processors. Applications running on the PowerPC® processors will be emulated.


Metrowerks PowerPlant application framework for building Mac OS applications
Multiple open projects - limited only by available memory
Threaded execution - continue to work in the editor or browser while your project compiles
Subprojects - create modular projects (like a collection of source files you would traditionally compile into a library) and simply add the library to your project to achieve the same effect
Customizable toolbars - modify the user interface to suit your needs
Error management in IDE - edit errors directly in the error message window

Included in the Discover Programming Edition is the Pro 1 version of CodeWarrior.

Note: this version is only able to compile 68k native code.

Architecture: 68k PPC