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Click, there it is!

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MD5: d7a413d0f65b824918cfa730e054a1d4
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Click, there is is! enhances an intuitive feature of the Mac, e.g. point-and-click within Open/Save dialog boxes.

Click, there it is! is something Apple should have done in the Open/Save dialog boxes since the invention of "multitasking." Have you ever wanted to Open/Save a document into a place where the Finder already has a window opened for it? If you see the window in the Finder you can instantly make that your current folder for opening or saving simply by clicking on it. If the Open/Save dialog should happen to obscure the Finder window you are looking for, then simply drag it out of the way by dragging it from any point along the frame!

Architecture: 68k PPC

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Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2020, January 21 - 2:14am

So, it turns out Default Folder completely obsoletes this, including the issue this app has under Mac OS 9.2.2 of its main feature not completely working (which is to have it select the folder/directory you click on). It's as if Default Folder is a newer, improved version of "Click, there it is!".

This app is great, but everyone should be using Default Folder instead.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, May 13 - 11:07pm

Well, turns out FinderPop also works with this extension: simply click on the top bar and FinderPop navigation pops up. Whatever you select will also get forwarded by the extension.

Even more a time saver now. Even less a burden to navigate around, too.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, April 14 - 2:01am

Under OS 9.2.2, this Extension doesn't cause issues, but although the feature of moving the dialog box still works, the main feature of having it select the folder/directory you click on doesn't work. (Except clicking on the Desktop, surprisingly.)

Normally, that is!

If you installed Functional Keys (, you can far more quickly browse to the directory you want through there and, shockingly, the directory you pick is then forwarded by this Extension to select in the dialog the folder/directory you want! Very handy combination!

Curiously, this same effect is not achieved by HandyMan, which instead just actually opens up the windows without the Extension forwarding anything. FinderPop also doesn't work here, because you can't bring up the contextual menu! But you can click on the Functional Keys icon just fine!

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2017, February 22 - 10:43pm

Has since been replaced with a working copy.

The .hqx header and a portion of the code is missing from this upload. It is damaged beyond fixing