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ClarisDraw 1.0v2 for Win (French)

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ClarisDrawWin_FR.ZIP (7.67 MB)
MD5: 6f4451c3e32ed04c1874153e0f88fc14
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ClarisDraw was the final descendant in line from MacDraw, one of the early Macintosh applications. Development of Apple's drawing program ended in 1997 when Claris Corp. was disbanded.

ClarisDraw supports very large file sizes and allows very fine control of both objects (text boxes, arrows, etc) and bit mapped paint boxes. The image to the right shows a composite of six microscopy images with added labels.

ClarisDraw supports the printing of large files to laser printers and other types of high resolution color printers.

Top DL: Archive (.zip) containing six disk images of ClarisDraw 1.0Fv2 for Windows (French). From media found on-line, these disk images were recreated from folder dumps, by using WinImage to facsimilate the original disks.
MD5 Checksum & Filename: 6f4451c3e32ed04c1874153e0f88fc14 *ClarisDrawWin_FR.ZIP

The full install set for the English language version of ClarisDraw 1.0Bv1 for Windows
is included in with the ClarisDraw 1 & ClarisImpact 2 for Windows Bundle, here at the MG.

See also: ClarisDraw 1.0 for Macintosh

Architecture: x86 (Windows)

Also included with the French archive above is the ClarisWorks 1.0v3 update disk image (it will only update a US version, so it is of no use with this French install set).

Not tested on Windows versions later than 98SE.

Like most Claris products, you don't need a serial to install; Enter something into the name & company fields and leave the serial field, as is.


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, May 19 - 7:19am

Thank you for archiving this as floppy images, Fortuna Wave.

Two issues I've encountered:

There are corrupt files in Disk 6. These appear to be compressed font files that are damaged. The installer gets snagged on file "TT0016M_.TT_" and thereafter some more fonts do not get installed.
[Edit]: I now believe that my issues with install errors are more to do with the dodgy floppy media I was using. I've since had different install errors using different (dodgy?) media. At all times tho', I was allowed to skip the particular error and continue on to complete the install. YMMV

On a seperate issue, the included 1.0v3 updater is for the US English version and cannot update the French copy here. It will come in handy if an English Windows version is ever located, I guess.

Anyway these problems are not all that bad, as ClarisDraw does complete the install process and, running the program is OK. I was able to install it onto Virtual PC running Windows 95. [Edit]: Also since, have installed it OK onto an old PC running Win 98se. Works great (esp. with the English additions).