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Claris Translators

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claris_translators.sit (2.35 MB)
MD5: c5095659bb6a973975a8da5d7502754e
For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Collection of all Claris translators I was able to find. The collection supersedes what the AppleWorks 5 installer installs. Please feel free to add and update.

Architecture: 68k PPC


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by xy - 2011, December 14 - 11:55am

The EPSF filter in the archive should be a newer version than that on the Claris CAD 2.0v3 CD. I do not remember where I got it from, though.

You are very welcome to add new translators to the archive. It might be worthwhile to also check whether you have newer versions of translators that are already in the archive.

The archive was made with Stuffit Deluxe 5.05.

woody_gmw's picture
by woody_gmw - 2011, December 13 - 10:49pm

I hope i'm adding new ones

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by woody_gmw - 2011, December 13 - 10:54pm

Hi guys, just seen the comment about Claris translators.
On the ClarisCAD 2.0v3 page i've uploaded a translator that i'm pretty sure is quite unique, an EPSF filter given to me by Claris - i've never seen reference to it anywhere but allows EPS export from a Claris program. i'll upload it here again
I've collected over the years many translators so i'll upload my collection of over 60 and also post a screenshot showing details - hope they are of use.

(added) i've downloaded the sit file here and its the same as i've got - well i tried Wink

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by xy - 2011, December 6 - 4:18pm

I have added two translators to the archive:
MacLinkPlus Bridge PPC;
Mac Draw II 1.1
Both translators are from the Claris 2.0v3 CD (thanks to woody gmw).

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by xy - 2011, January 27 - 10:15am

Reuploaded and tested. Downlaodable via the edit trick now (again).

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by xy - 2011, January 26 - 6:35pm

No, it's not gone but lost in the labyrinths of the MacGarden server. For some weird reason this happens all the time with MacGarden. I will upload the archive again tomorrow hoping that this time it will be downloadable again.

Vanceone's picture
by Vanceone - 2011, January 26 - 5:42pm

This file appears to be gone?

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by xy - 2010, September 8 - 8:45am

Updated the archive with the translator updates provided by the MacWrite Pro update 1.5.3 (thanks to Protocol 7).

If the archive is corrupt please tell me. I have done the upload with IE 7 on Windows XP which might cause problems. If there are problems I will renew the update with Firefox or IE 8.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, August 6 - 5:59pm

Greatworks 2.x should also work with.