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ClarisDraw 1.0Bv1 & ClarisImpact 2.0Bv1 for Win

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Cdraw1.0Bv1Cimpact2.0Bv1.ISO (26.63 MB)
MD5: ff58b4535f6e3648e7a559fb42d71d1e
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Microsoft Windows version of ClarisDraw 1.0Bv1 and ClarisImpact 2.0Bv1

ClarisDraw was Claris Corp's final direct descendant of MacDraw, one of the early Macintosh applications. Development of Apple's drawing program ended in 1997 when Claris Corp. was disbanded.

ClarisImpact is similar to ClarisDraw except it has less draw type features, is aimed towards the business market and concentrates on production of presentation graphics, tables, flowcharts, etc.

Combination disk found on ebay with preset search running for > 15 years.

Now using ClarisDraw on Server 2003 in high end engineering environment, since no other competent basic draw program exists for Win platform. Everybody tries to emulate Visio for structured presentation diagrams. This augments long term use of ClarisDraw under Mac OS 8.1 in Basilisk II, and on IIci with 50MHz accelerator running SSW 6.0.7 [Still the best ever].

Generate .ps file by printing to file with PostScript printer driver; or print to .pdf then export to postscript from .pdf application. Finally, import into PostScript vector draw application for touchup and prep to use in publishing application such as FrameMaker.

See Also: ClarisImpact Software Bundle (ClarisDraw & ClarisImpact for Mac), ClarisDraw 1 (Mac), ClarisDraw 1 (Win) and ClarisImpact 2 (Mac)

Architecture: x86 (Windows)

Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 3.5 - 5.1

Note: On the .iso is the installer for Win32's. This is required for Windows 3.1/3.11 systems only. The Claris installer will install this first on those systems if it detects they are not already installed. Win32's are not required for Windows 95 and above.


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by MikeTomTom - 2020, May 31 - 1:22am

@NinaC: Firstly; Thank you for uploading this archive. The English version of ClarisDraw for Windows especially, has been the most difficult of softwares to locate. I have searched for over 10 years without success at finding it and I am really grateful to see it here.

Secondly, you uploaded the same .iso twice and created separate pages for both ClarisDraw and ClarisImpact. This was unnecessary as one of the pages was removed for being a duplicate, leaving this one intact.

But most of all. Thank you.