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Cinema Paradiso

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Cinema_Paradiso_CD01.toast_.sit (532.62 MB)
MD5: 501c060e59daac93300d4748fc64ba64
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Cinema_Paradiso_CD02.toast_.sit (507.50 MB)
MD5: 774a680aad166937539422d75b4d1434
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DT_Cinema.sit (14.91 KB)
MD5: c3d8aba632373552bc03c2289c42a738
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Cinema Paradiso is a collection of well known QT movies and not so well known ones.
The Steamroller of course, 1984, some MS cartoons from 1996, QTVR files and more.
Some fun and fake stuff is on CD, clearly not meant for publishing like the iBrator.
There even is a screen background with a naked lady - you will find it yourself in "Schreibtischhintergründe". Wink

MD5 checksums:
First DL: 501c060e59daac93300d4748fc64ba64
Second DL: 774a680aad166937539422d75b4d1434

Dont be disturbed by the German text files and the folder names.
The content and the files have English names.
The third DL is a DiskTracker file of both CDs to take a look at the content.