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CellSynth 1.7

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CellSynth17ReWire.hqx (3.03 MB)
MD5: 57bed082e1e1e04ffeecb22cc959e38e
For Mac OS 9
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CellSynth17Tutorial.hqx (2.88 MB)
MD5: 5b30180e8d0a1862c5c8270347845530
For Mac OS 9
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CellSynth_-_cool1.5.sit (2.00 MB)
MD5: a5ed3480729c45b6b66a9aa7947f5e62
For Mac OS 9
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CellSynth addresses several of the main areas in computer music, notably audio synthesis, audio sequencing, sample manipulation, audio processing and event sequencing. Unlike many of the more conventional software synthesisers [sic] on the market, it is compact and easy to use, and does not require detailed synthesis knowledge. Its efficient design means that all functions operate in real-time with low latency, allowing it to be used in a live environment with MIDI keyboards or other MIDI sources. All output can be recorded to disk for use in other software such as Cubase VST, Logic or Digital Performer.

CellSynth is unusual in catering for both musical beginner and expert alike. Whilst the program is easy and intuitive to use, with an excellent manual and on-line tutorial, those with prior knowledge of synthesis are not left frustrated at technical limitations. Analog, FM and harmonic synthesis are all possible, along with as many new forms as you can think of! Synthesis experts will be immediately at home and able to create new sounds quicker than ever. Modelling classic analog and digital synthesisers [sic] has never been so easy, with the results sounding exactly like the real thing.

The Power to Create...

Underneath the deceptively simple looking interface lurks incredible power and flexibility. The Cells are the building blocks that can create sounds that are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Create familiar sounds such as that of traditional analog synths by using the sine, square, saw-tooth and triangle cells as sound generators and modulators, following the methods used since the beginning of electronic sound synthesis.

But why stop there... add samples, either used traditionally, as you would in a sampler, or apply any of CellSynth's features to them. Anything is possible.

Powerful MIDI support allows real-time control over CellSynth from any MIDI controller, or the built-in Event Sequencer can be used to program note or controller events, allowing automated mixes and effects. CellSynth can also be synced to clock to allow it to be used as part of a larger MIDI setup.

This all adds up to a program that really does have the power to create whatever your imagination can dream up.

Architecture: PPC

System Requirements

For best results you will need a 350MHz G3/G4 or better running OS 9.1

CellSynth will run on a 233MHz G3 iMac with OS 8.5

CellSynth is NOT native to OS X but runs in Classic 9.1

The faster the Mac the more CellSynth can do!

At least version 3.0 of Sound Manager.

Your Mac must be able to play stereo 16 bit audio at 44100.

A monitor capable of displaying 1000's of colours.

A sense of fun!

Bear in mind that to get the full benefit of CellSynth you need at least a 350MHz machine. CellSynth works fine on machines down to 233MHz. Although on slower machines it may not be possible to process incoming MIDI and audio and record to hard disk at the same time.

If you notice the performance of your mouse degrading then you are reaching the limits of what you can do with CellSynth.


emery's picture
by emery - 2020, October 21 - 5:17am

this a really fun synthesizer and groovebox from sintesis techniques, for multi sounds, for making layers sounds

davebacsi's picture
by davebacsi - 2020, August 18 - 3:24pm

You can use every function, including save... though as screenshot says the automation sequencer is available for registered versions of CellSynth...

Based on there was register method with Kagi, so we are out of luck. Also the original website of authors went off around 2002, since then nothing on the web found....

... so in case you have cereals, please share, thanks!