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CaptyDVD/VCD 1.x

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CaptyDVD-VCD_1.1.4.sit (23.63 MB)
MD5: 1a5649892bcd20f48beb53310070c1a9
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

CaptyDVD was originally bundled with LaCie FireWire drives. The archive contains drivers for drives to avoid errors. Please read the file in the driver folder first. This StuffIt archive contains also the full installer with instructions:

CaptyDVD/VCD allows you to make DVD and VCD discs that will play on stand alone DVD players. This app does not edit audio-video files. It will allow you to use mixed sources of audio-video, still picts to create your DVD or VCD masterpieces. Capty does not author SVCD discs. CaptyDVD now supports direct disk recording of VCD. Please read the included Manual documentation for more details.
This installer is a full -and- update installer.
Assuming you don't already have a copy of CaptyDVD/VCD installed already, you will need to enter 2 serial numbers.
1st Serial: (Use any name and enter in the first serial in the initial registration screen)
2nd Serial: (You'll be prompted with a second registration screen - enter in the following SN)
Added registration notes:
The app will complain about being an upgrade version and will ask you to enter the serial again... this is the reason why you have to enter in 2 serial numbers. After entering in the second serial number you will have a full working copy of CaptyDVD for Mac OS 9.
One final note:
CaptyDVD creates an invisible preferences file in the Preferences folder located within your current System folder. The file's name is "CaptyDVDSerial.prf" and holds your registration information. If you want to completely remove CaptyDVD from your hard drive or system then you will need to find and delete this invisible file. Running the CaptyDVD 1.1.4 Installer actually removes this invisible preferences file during its installation... so in a way it is not only an installer but is a prefs remover too (which also makes sure that anyone installing the software had better have a working serial number since any prevous invisible prefs file holding the registration info is deleted in the installation process).

This software was created by a Japanese company. A link to their website below: Pixela Corporation

Architecture: PPC

The installer requires a PowerPC processor and Mac OS 8.5 at least, but the software seems to be working also under Mac OS 8 or 8.1...

The StuffIt file must be decompressed first, then the installer can be launched from the Finder desktop.


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by MacTouch - 2018, July 18 - 6:07pm

This version works with Mac OS 9, not OS X. A version 2 compatible with Mac OS 10.2.6 & requiring also a G3 processor at least exists. This version works with Intel processor under Rosetta. Specifications can be found here.