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Canvas X

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MD5: aed1a16088102fd76bf0496f283cb0c3
For Mac OS X
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Canvas provides tools for creating and editing vector and raster graphics. It is used for illustration, page layout, animation, presentations, and publications in printed and World Wide Web formats.

From its inception, Canvas differed from other graphics applications because it combined tools and file formats for both vector graphics (line art) and raster images (photographic and other pixel-based), along with word-processing and page-layout features such as multiple-page documents and master pages. The user works in a window, which is the familiar "page on a pasteboard" analog used by many DTP and vector graphics programs, but in that window, which might be a single illustration page or one page of a multi-page magazine, book, web site, animation or presentation, the user can create or edit and layout text, vector graphics and raster images. Canvas also emphasized technical drawing in addition to artistic illustration features.

Excerpt: Wikipedia; Canvas

ACD Systems introduced Canvas X in 2005

This is the final full version release of Canvas X for Macintosh, Canvas X Professional Edition, version X.0.2 build 926, from 2007. It contains Canvas X, with GIS+ and with Scientific Imaging.
MD5 checksum & filename: aed1a16088102fd76bf0496f283cb0c3 *

Serial: 4KZD8K-C3B9Y-9MPFR8-76GXZBD

ACD Systems dropped all Mac OS support for Canvas X with their next release, concentrating on the Windows market.

ACD Systems after several years introduced a new product for the Macintosh called "Canvas Draw" in 2015. Canvas Draw is currently at version 5.0

See Also: Canvas 2.x, Canvas 3.0.x, Canvas 3.5.x, Canvas 5.0.x, Canvas 6.0.1, Canvas 7.0.2, Canvas 8.0.6, Canvas 9.0.4

Architecture: PPC


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