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Caffeine Software Graphic Bundle

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CaffeineApps.dmg (57.98 MB)
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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Real gems from a pioneer company of the NeXTSTEP era, sadly [and mysteriously] gone out of business fifteen years ago. That four-apps set was let on their website as a free download with their farewell message.

Names of the applications and descriptions excerpted from the documentation:

► TIFFany3 v3.5.10 (2003)

"TIFFany3 is a powerful and flexible image processing application for Mac OS X. You can use TIFFany3 for any image creation and enhancement project, from adjusting the brightness and color balance of a digital snapshot to creating professional or commercial graphics."

► Curator v3.2.2 (2003)

"Caffeine Software Curator is an image display and organization application. The Image Overview window displays thumbnails of image and movie files within the folder that you select. You can browse the thumbnails to better decide what you want to do with each file."

► PixelNhance v1.5.11 (2002)

"PixelNhance is a real-time image enhancement application that lets you quickly and easily determine the best settings for your document. While you adjust settings such as color balance and sharpness in the Control window, you immediately see the effects on your image."

► Cycles v7.4.7 (2002)

A small application for displaying CPU activity on the Dock.

Architecture: PPC

No information available about compatibility in the documentation. However, we can safely assume that MacOSX 10.2 Jaguar will be sufficent (maybe even 10.1) since it was the latest OS available on the market at the time of the release of these versions. These apps have been tested successfully (albeit succinctly) on MacOSX 10.6 Snow Leopard w/Rosetta.


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by Idéfix - 2018, December 4 - 3:17pm

There is an issue with TIFFany3 since it requires a licence (trial or permanent) to be fully functionnal. The drawback is that the Caffeine Software licence server has been deactivated a long time ago. In demo mode, impossible to print or export pictures. I have tried with a S/N from Serial Box but it didn't work. A crack seems to be the only option available.