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MD5: aca52945876c760bb200308de2c46ad1
For Mac OS 9
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BugScan will detect all files for all strains of the AutoStart 9805 Worm current at 10/23/98 as well the Graphics Accelerator Extension (GAX). BugScan will also detect any combination of these files.

Architecture: PPC

Runs fine under OS 9


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by Lance666 - 2010, September 3 - 6:42am

There is no need to detect the "Graphics Accelerator Extension". There were three types of this file: the 9600 Graphics Accelerator, the 7200Graphics Accelerator, and the ATI Graphics Accelerator. On a Power Macintoch 9600, the installer for OS 7.6.1 installed both, but only the newer version called "9600 Graphics Accelerator" was needed and only that version would load into memory at startup. The ATI Graphics Accelerator should be trashed from a Power Macintosh 9600 running OS 7.6.1. It's as simple as that. No need to "BugScan" for this file. Just drag it from the Extensions folder to the trash.

On a Power Macintosh 7200, video issues could appear when using a Powerlogix G3 upgrade card. The solution is to activate virtual memory. The amount of VM is unimportant.

A few ATI graphics ards may perform better in OS 9.x if certain ATI extensions are disabled / removed. Appleworks 6 may have some issues on a PM 9600 with an ixMicro TwinTurbo graphics card. Solution is to disable the 9600 Graphics Accelerator extension.