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Bomb Shelter

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For System 7.0 - 7.6
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Bomb shelter is a little INIT (it uses up under 1/2 K of memory) that gives you some protection from System Bombs. System Bombs occur when a program goes out of control due to programmer error and crashes the machine. The Macintosh brings up a dialog box that says “Sorry, a System Error has occurred” with two buttons in it, Restart and Resume.

Unfortunately, the Resume button will only be enabled if the application you are currently running specifically enables it. Most don’t. So I created Bomb Shelter.

Bomb Shelter makes sure that the Resume button is always enabled. Clicking on the Resume button will cause the current program to terminate and put you back in the Finder. Once there, you should save any files you may have on a RAM Disk and then Restart.

While this may seem like no advantage over clicking on the Restart button, it actually allows your Macintosh to do some clean up work which makes sure your hard drive doesn’t get corrupted. Also, if the System Bomb was not a bad one, you may be able to continue working without restarting.

-- From the readme file.



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by meauxdal - 2021, April 29 - 7:46pm

This is a crucial extension in my opinion. Fantastic little piece of software.