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BMUG - Zen ROM v2.0 + Zen and the Art of Resource Editing

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BMUG-Zen-Art-of-ResEdit-4.sit (96.29 MB)
MD5: 139c0c39c82a9f6f1275f99cc7786d26
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

This is the book "Zen and the Art of Resource Editing: The BMUG Guide to ResEdit, Expanded Fourth Edition", scanned to PDF. Plus, it also includes the book's companion CD, "Zen ROM v2.0".

It is a rare thing for the Macintosh Garden to present a published work along with its included CD
(magazines with included CD compilations notwithstanding).

The download above, was archived using StuffIt 3.6 for backwards compatibility with SSW 6 or newer.
MD5 checksum & filename: 139c0c39c82a9f6f1275f99cc7786d26 *BMUG-Zen-Art-of-ResEdit-4.sit

The really wild thing about ResEdit is that you can use it on any Mac program. Just zap your resources here and there, and all of a sudden your Mac is really your Mac - an extension of your personality. Because everything about the Mac - the sounds, the fonts, and a zillion other things - lives within a resource, ResEdit can tailor those resources to meet your needs. Of course, you need to tell it what to do.

Excerpt: Foreword by Cliff Stoll (Zen and the Art of Resource Editing, 4th Edition)

The PDF was originally sourced from Vintage Apple. It has been extensively reworked, by including page hyperlinks and made backwards compatible with at least Acrobat Reader version 4.

The ROM was sourced from the Internet Archive. Our copy of the ROM has since been converted to an original state (to be both System 6 and 7 compatible and with date and time stamps preserved).

See Also: BMUG - Zen ROM, BMUG - ZEN Disk

Architecture: 68k

The book (PDF) requires a minimum of Acrobat Reader version 4 or newer to view. Therefore it is compatible on any PPC Macintosh, running SSW 7.1.2 or later.

The CD-ROM is SSW 6 and later compatible. It can also mount in Mini vMac by dragging the .iso into a running vMac window (lock the .iso first, to prevent any Finder modification from occurring).


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by Duality - 2019, January 17 - 4:59am

There is quite a bit of good material to be found in Hayden Books. A publisher of fantastic Mac books that died much too soon.