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MD5: 3973f7af63b6e9bd68776eb5aa854020
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: SheepShaver,

BMUG membership disk from Winter / Spring 1990.
From the file "Disk Contents(Read Me)"

Shareware $20
James Rhodes
9200 North Normandale #2203
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Termworks is one of the better Shareware terminal programs. It’s easy to use and has a few novel features.

INIT’s and CDEV’s.
INIT's and cdev's go inside your System Folder and generally show up in the Control Panel. So put Flash-it and Name Folder and Boomerang in your System Folder and reboot.

Freeware with the restriction that it may not be sold.
Nobu Toge
Bin 62,SLAC
P.O. Box 4369
Stanford, CA 94309
Flash-It is a screendump utility. It can handle color screen dumps and screendump with menus down. Once you put it in your System Folder it will show up in your Control Panel.

Named Folder
David P. Summer
Named Folder is a clever INIT that will allow you to name a new folder before it shows up on the Desktop. The default name that Apple gives new folders is Empty Folder. Now a box will come up and allow you to name a folder anything you like. It's an INIT and does not show up in the Control Panel.

Boomerang 2.0
Shareware $30
Hiroaki Yamamoto
zeta soft
2425B Channing Way
Suite 492
Berkeley, CA 94704
Boomerang is one of the two best Shareware utility programs in the Mac world. The other is Stuffit. It goes inside the System Folder and will show up in the Control Panel. It comes with great documentation and adds so many features to the standard Macintosh interface that it's hard to even list. Try it and read the docs.


3D Checkers
Shareware $15
Fred Moulden Jr.
11109 Riaza Sq. Apt #9
St. Louis, MD 63138
3D Checkers plays a pretty good game of checkers that will be able to challenge most people and it looks nice too. It has three levels and sound.

Forty Thieves
Shareware $10
Eric Snider
4941 Woodcliff Hill Road
West Bloomfield, MI, 48033
40 Thieves is a great two desk Solitaire game that is very addictive .


Technical Assistance Assistance
Van Kichline
14454 119th Place N.E.
Kirkland WA 98034
TAA will give you a complete listing of the DA's and INIT's and cdev's that are in your System Folder. It will also list all of your Mac's default setting's.

Shareware $10
7h Laurel Hill Road
Greenbelt MD,20770
Diskeeper will help you manager the files on your hard disk drive. It can search for duplicated files or empty folders.

Address Book
Jim Leitch
61 Shaughnessy Blvd.
Canada,M25 1H9
Address Book is a DA and will need to be installed with the Font/DA Mover. It will also require you to create a default file so Address Book will work correctly the first time you open it up. The first time you open Address Book it will tell you need a missing file. This missing file can be created by going to the Entry menu in the Address Book menu that comes up when you bring up the Address Book DA. Or, put the file Addr...list in your system folder.

The files that are on this disk are the result of hard work from many programmers. If you use any of the ones that are shareware please send your shareware fee. They are not free. t's the right thing to do.

Steve Costa

Architecture: 68k