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BMUG Spring 91

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MD5: fd5736439f1317621c5999c87f7c7acd
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: SheepShaver,

BMUG membership disk from Winter / Spring 1991.
From the file "Read me first!!"

Welcome to BMUG's latest membership disk. There are games ,utility programs ,a great terminal program and BMUG's first HyperCard 2.0 v2 stack on a membership disk. All in all a typical membership disk. Everything on this disk has been tested on a Mac Plus with System 6.05 and 6.07, a Mac SE 2/40 running System 6.05, a Mac Classic with System 6.07, a Mac LC with System 6.07, a Mac IIsi with System 6.07, a Mac IIci with System 6.05 and 6.07 and even a Mac IIfx running System 6.07. It took a few weeks to find good and useful programs that would work on all of these machines in both black and white and color. About 30% that I looked at didn't work on this range of Macintosh. Expect a major change in the BMUG library because of this problem. Most of the programs on this disk even work with System 7.0b1. In the future all BMUG programs will be tested on a SE/30 running System 6.07 and a Mac IIsi running System 6.07. The ones that don't work will be deleted.
Be sure and pay your shareware fees for the programs that are shareware. That is if you use them. They are well worth it.
Three of the programs on this disk are compressed with Stuffit. They will AutoUnstuff when you double click on them. ZTerm and the Form Letter Printer as well as the three games are all stuffed. Be sure and copy them to your hard disk before you double click on them.

Steve Costa
Executive Director

Steve Boyd
Universal Imaging Corp
502 Brandywine Parkway,
West Chester, PA 19380
Freeware with restrictions.

This is the program that you need if you like to play cards. It has six version's of Solitaire and has great color for those of you who are lucky enough have color machines.

Dropper 1.1
C.K. Haun
RavenWare Software/Mac Division
22045 McClellan Rd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
Shareware Fee $5

This is a game that is distantly related to Tetris and done quite well. I expect to see droves of people addicted to this game. It's fun and looks great in color and black and white.

Kevin Clark
8049 Janes #E
Woodridge, IL 60517

A good board game with several levels. It's easy to learn and will give you a hard game at the advanced level.

Bill Steinberg
CompuServe 76703,1027
Free with restrictions.
This program will do several things. First and most important Bootman will allow the average Mac user to change the heap space of the System. Now I won't go into what that means here. The program has good on-line documentation that explains everything much better than I would.

RoloDA 4.0+
Rolodesk DA
By Tim Endres
8840 Main Street
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

Rolo DA is a desk accessory. It will allow you to have a quick rolodex of addresses and names. This program has a long history in the Mac world with the first version coming out in 1985. It's fast and looks nice.

Reader 1.04
Kevin Parichan
Hmm, this program will allow you to read different file formats even if you do not have have the parent application. Right now Reader will read MacPaint, PICT, Text and two kinds of sound formats. More formats are expected.

Mug Shot Lite™
James K. Miles
MI Concepts
PO Box 8822
Kentwood MI, 49508
Freeware with restrictions
PS- send $8 to James and he will send you two disk full of samples of his other software. A great bargain!

MugShot will take a snapshot of all the files and version numbers of what is in your System Folder. These are important things to know.

BBS List 1
BBS List 2
Dennis Runkle

We get a lot of calls asking for BBS numbers across the country. This is the list that we use to answer those questions. It's formatted badly though so it will be hard to find the number you are looking for. Open it up from within your word processing program and reformat it.

PopChar v1.3
Günther Blaschek
Petzoldstr. 31
A–4020 Linz
Austria / Europe
Postcardware. If you use it please send him a postcard. A nice postcard.

PopChar is a little Control Panel document that enables you to generate every possible character that is available in the current font without having to remember keyboard combinations. In other words, if you have an odd character that you want within your document just go to PopChar, click on the character and it will show up in your document without any typing. Neato!
It goes within your System Folder ..........

Open-wide will make the Open Dialog box wider so it won't cut off long names. Put it in your System Folder and then open any application and try and open a document. You should see a difference.

Form Letter Printer
Jim O'Conner
1203 Chelsea
Hercules, CA 94547
Restricted Freeware

A HyperCard 2.0 v2 stack that will do form letters. And do them nicely. It is entirely written in HyperTalk too. A useful stack. Remember this stack needs HyperCard 2.0 v2.

Architecture: 68k