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MD5: 105fa13dc472b2310cf71aa4d838926e
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: SheepShaver,

BMUG membership disk from Fall 1989.
From the file "Read me first!!"

File List is a cataloging program. It works only with floppies at this time.
Floppy Fixer will repair damaged floppy disk. While not as good as the commercial file/disk recovery programs it can do the job well enough for most problems.
TermWorks is the modem program.
TurboView is a great DA which means is needs to be installed with the Font/DA Mover. It can open several different graphics formats like MacPain of PICT or GIF.
Disinfectant is a virus find and repair files that have viruses. The best one out there so far.
INIT cdev can control the INIT’s and cdev;s inside your System Folder. It will need to go inside your System folder and will show up in the Control Panel. It may have a problem with MultiFinder.
Blackout is a cdev and needs to go inside your system folder. It will show up in the Control Panel. It’s a screen saver.
SCSI Probe will show you the brand of hard disk you have and will mount then as well. It goes inside your System Folder.
Chime INIT will chime on the hour or quarter hour. It also goes inside your System Folder. Read the docs with this one.
Boomerang goes inside your System Folder and will show up inside you Control Panel. It adds another set of menus in your dialog boxes. Read the docs with this one too.
Gunshy is a game like Shanghai or Mai Jong.
StuntCopter is a nice game. You need to drop a man from the sky onto a moving wagon.

Most of the programs on this disk are SHAREWARE. So if you use any of these programs please send what they ask for.


Architecture: 68k