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MD5: 9beb33b497b241fd35e550c09c6c1c78
For System 6.x
This app works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Volume II of the Berkeley Macintosh User's Group is a follow-up to their ground-breaking 1988 PD-ROM (the first two initials stood for Public Domain). The second disc contains even more shareware, freeware, graphics, sounds and other bits of information.

Don't miss the "Meeting Minutes" on the disc, which are a fascinating chronicle of BMUG's weekly meeting, held for over a decade in an auditorium on the campus of UC Berkeley. News, tips, rumors, and the general zeitgeist of the Mac world are captured in these notes. (These minutes are likely in Acta outline format for some years.) The disc's archives of these goes back to 1987.

(This archive is a .cdr ISO image, encoded with tar and gz to allow upload. It should download and expand to the original .cdr format once opened.)

Architecture: 68k

Most of the content on Volume II is optimized for "classic" black-and-white systems, although a special "Color Macs" folder contains a wealth of information for the Macintosh II.

The content on this disc is probably best experienced running 6.0.x, either under Mini vMac's (beta) Mac II emulation, or on actual Mac II hardware. Due to the large number of changes in Mac OS 7, many of the utilities and games on the disc may exhibit some incompatibility. (Later versions of these same programs, of course, probably run just fine under 7.)