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BMUG PD-ROM I (1988)

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For System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac

Included is a disc image and scan of the BMUG PD-ROM Volume I CDROM from 1988. It contains a vast amount of 80's freeware and shareware, along with several BMUG newsletters ranging from Fall of 1984 to Spring of 1987.

BMUG was an education non-profit corporation which promoted the exchange of information about graphical interface computers, including the Apple Macintosh. Located in Berkeley, California, BMUG provided valuable services to computer users in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world since 1984.

BMUG was one of the world's largest user groups with thousands of members covering the range from absolute novice to industry leader. Because of the diverse demands of their members, they had earned a reputation for being friendly, knowledgeable, and innovative.

BMUG held meetings every Thursday at the University of California in Berkeley to discuss topics such as Music, Modems, A/UX, Graphics and Desktop Publishing, CAD, Macintosh Basics, HyperCard, Programming, Database Development, and Professional Computing.

The BMUG Newsletter was published semi-annually and sent free to all members. This prodigious work always totaled more than 300 pages of commentaries, tutorials, and reviews. BMUG accepted no advertising for the Newsletter, so each issue is a solid collection of unbiased writing unlike anything else in the industry. The newsletter was widely read for the expertise, opinion, and good humor contained in each issue.

Architecture: 68k


24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2016, May 18 - 5:35pm

Many thanks for the ongoing effort in finding this and making it available!
I only wish, I had this when I owned my Mac II and the A2000. Wink

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A blast from the past - a 300MB harddisk those days!

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tanaquil's picture
by tanaquil - 2016, May 19 - 3:24am

Thank you, again, for uploading this!

For anyone who is interested in the contents of the newsletter folder, see my comments here.

As I suspected, the PageMaker copies of the 1989 newsletters are not on the 1988 CD; the 1988 CD only has the newsletter articles through Fall 1987.

I have been poking around a bit, using Compare Folders, with PD-ROM I (1988), PD-ROM II beta (1989), and PD-ROM Volume II (1990). There are many common files between the three, but in every case I found files that had been removed from earlier disks, files that had been newly added to later disks, and files that had changed (presumably because they came out with updated versions). If you're hunting for that rare piece of shareware from the late 80's, it is definitely worth having all three cataloged in something like DiskTracker.

-a happy collector