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BMUG Newsletter CD: Spring 1996

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This is Volume XII, No. 1 of the Newsletter CDs



tanaquil's picture
by tanaquil - 2016, August 1 - 7:14pm

Haha, yes, I was the one who requested that 1988 CD image originally (I had long searched for it without success)! I'm so grateful to everyone that has been helping upload these images.

The PD-ROMs are actually not the same thing as the Newsletter CD-ROMs, although it can be a bit hard to tell the difference in the last versions. The PD-ROMs, as you say, were updated every year or so, contained a fairly comprehensive collection of all the shareware normally made available through the organization's floppy disk service, and cost more than a Newsletter subscription.*

The Newsletter CDs, which only start appearing once storage became ridiculously cheap and the size of the average program much larger, contained more recent or highlighted material but were never supposed to represent the entire contents of the BMUG library. By the end, the BMUG library was so big that it was split up over half a dozen CD-ROMs that you could buy separately (the basic PD-ROM, the Font ROM, the TV ROM, etc, etc...).

I'm glad you like these compilations, I have been fascinated with BMUG's history since I lived in Berkeley and was a casual member of the group in the early 90s. Only wish I had made even more use of it at the time, I was a busy grad student then.

*A Newsletter sub (aka annual membership) was about $40/year, or $20 for each issue/disk plus all the benefits of membership. The PD-ROMs ranged from as much as $80 early on (when media was very expensive) to maybe $40 each later (with the fee intended only to cover the cost of media and associated overhead). The Newsletter CDs, just like the earlier newsletter floppies, came free with the Newsletters, and so could only be circulated once CDs were practically cheap-as-free.

snconners's picture
by snconners - 2016, July 31 - 3:26am

We have here at The Garden BMUG CD-ROM compilation images dating as far back as 1988, see here: (which is incredible, I can't imagine who could afford a new-fangled "CD Drive" in 1988 besides Steve Jobs), but never-the-less they did produce one that year, and I'm sure they continued to make CDs in every subsequent year even though we don't yet have them all.
So my guess would be that each BMUG member chose if they wished to receive a CD or floppy-based version when they signed up.

Unless I'm misreading something here, I do notice this is called a "Newsletter CD" and not a "PD-ROM" like the other examples here at MG, so perhaps we're talking about two different things, I'm realizing as I write this, but it still has folders called "PD Collection" in it so I don't know. I'm no expert on BMUG, really I just wanted to point out that we have much earlier CD images produced by BMUG.

Thanks so much for sharing, I love these BMUG compilations, they are gold mines of little things I never knew existed.

tanaquil's picture
by tanaquil - 2016, June 30 - 3:17am

Really happy to see so many more BMUG uploads showing up - many thanks for that!

A note for those who might not be aware: only the last few BMUG newsletters came with CDs (the newsletter, which came out twice a year, ceased publication in 1997, and I only have two or three CDs). For many years before that, each issue was released with a floppy disk. I've been trying to put together a collection of all the newsletter floppy disks, still missing some of the early ones (from 1990 and earlier). I will upload what I have eventually.

The numbering "XII, No 1" refers mainly to the newsletter, to the CD only by extension.