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BMUG Fall 92

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MD5: 2e1fdae159164d34de986b98b889200b
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: SheepShaver,

BMUG membership disk from Fall 1992.
From the file "What is on this disk!"

All the programs here have been tested on the complete line of Apple supported
Macintoshes. This included macintoshes from a Mac Plus to a Quadra 950.
Everything is System 7.1 compatible and 32-bit clean.......Be sure and send in your
shareware for those programs that ask for them if you use them. It is important to keep
good shareware programs coming and the only way to do that is to be the small fees
that the authors ask for. It really is in the best interest off all concerned to do so.

BMUG Choice Products

By popular request we have put BMUG Choice Products on the membership disk. It is
even in three different formats so that everyone can read it.

Smart Calendar Shareware Fee $10

Lee Ann Rucker
c/o Virginia Rice
202 Trotman Dr
Ozark, AL 36360
CIS: 73747,3171
America Online: LeeAnnR

Smart Calendar is one of the best calendar scheduling programs around.
It allows you to save messages, and the INIT reminds you of them when you start up
your Macintosh or when the date changes. Reminders may be done one of two ways:
a flashing icon telling you to look at the calendar, or an alert box which contains the
message. Smart Calendar supports yearly, monthly, weekly, and special messages.
Special message are those that don’t fit yearly, monthly, weekly messages. Though I
do wish it did a every two week message. But you can’t have everything.



Bill Baldridge Freeware

This nifty DA has the 100’s of phone numbers of Macintosh venders. If you have ver
wanted to call to give a Mac software/hardware company a piece of you mind but
didn’t have the phone number....well, here they are.


Spider Messenger Freeware

Steve Meyer

Arcade game that tries to get you to deliver a package across a busy highway on a bike.

3d Checkers $15

Fred Moulden
11109 Riaza Sq.#9

This nifty checkers game should give you a good game of checkers. The 3-d graphics make it nice on the eyes as well.



Quotable Quotes 2.0 Shareware Fee $10

Robin Seer
Symbiotic Software
1989 W. 14th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
V6J 2K1

This stack presents nearly 900 hand-picked quotes. They are divided into
seven parts, each with its own design, font, clip art, etc. New features include
navigational fields for easy access to quotations within a part, and a complete
AuthorIndex. Some of the topics are: writing, reading, art, music, movies, philosophy,
humor, eating, and cooking. It's an interesting, useful, and amusing collection. Also,
it's easily expandable.

Word Mania Shareware Fee$25
Dancing Rabbit Creations
4039 4th Ave,NE
Seattle ,WA 98105

Nice Hypercard stack with several word games on in.

System 7 Utilities.

Drop•Obliterate Shareware Fee $29(Robert will send you 30 or so
more System 7 Extensions.

Robert Gibson
RR#1 Carrying Place
Ontario, CANADA

Obliterate, a drag-and-drop utilitiy (Drop Rob-Box), deletes all files and
folders with an optional shredding facility to make files totally
unrecoverable. All directories dragged into this drop box are scanned, so
you can throw in sets of files, folders or even disks, or any combination
of the three. You no longer have to go through the pain of selecting Empty
Trash all the time.

MenuChoice Shareware Fee $15

Kerry Clendinning
PO Box 26061
Austin, TX 78755

MenuChoice is a control panel device which enables hierarchical menus under the
Apple menu. With it, you can open applications, control panel devices, and
documents of all kinds quickly and easily using your Apple menu.

PowerTime Shareware Fee $20

Tryg Inda
P.O. Box 11524
Reno, NV 89510

PowerTime is a program which will display 8 clocks in a small window, each with a
user-selectable time zone. You may customize the program to show different cities,
and to take daylight savings time into account. Doesn’t work well on a 12 inch monitor.

ShutDown Later 1.0.1

Rt. de Berne 14
1010 Lausanne

This nifty program will shut your Mac off off at certain time. This is nice if you want to go to bed while downloading a big file and don’t want to leave your Mac on. or if you just want to make sure you Mac is off at a certain time.


Zterm Shareware Fee $30 to $40

David P. Alverson
Alverson Software
5635 Cross Creek Court
Mason, OH 45040-2448

One of the best general terminal programs around. ZTerm can give programs like
MicroPhone and SmartCom a run for their money. The .9 version is a major upgrade with many new features. Like scripts and a even faster ZTerm.

Architecture: 68k