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BMUG Fall 91

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Membership_DiskFall_91.sit (528.05 KB)
MD5: c5c8f5625ced42d398b8464db6569b9e
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: SheepShaver,

BMUG membership disk from Fall 1991.
From the file "Membership Disk Docs"

Files that end in .SEA (Self Extracting Archive) are compressed using and must be
uncompressed to be used. "Self-extracting" files can be uncompressed
WITHOUT the compression utility that they were compressed with.
They need to be copied onto a blank floppy disk or a hard disk as there isn't enough
room to uncompress them on the diskette that it came on.....
••••••••••So Beware and forewarned ! ••••••••••

All of these games have been tested on Macintoshes ranging from the Mac Plus to Mac IIFX’s.
They are all compatible with System 6.0X to System 7.0. Please send in the shareware fee
for the programs that request them. Be honest!!! If you want to see more programs like these send in your shareware fees.

Lines of Action:
Lines of Action is a game like Go (a popular Chinese board game). You have black and white
pieces that you need to connect. It’s fun and can be quite addicting.

Shareware Fee: $10
Andrew McDaniel
12923 Point Pleasant Dr.
Fairfax, VA 22023

A nifty game somewhat like the movie Rollerball. It’s fun but hard to play!

Shareware Fee: $8
John Calhoun
P.O. 442258
Lawrence, KS 66044

A System 7 utility to help with printing. With this nifty program you can have an icon
on your desktop which represents a particular printer. Then drag a document onto the
particular printer icon, and it will print to that printer. Very useful when you have
multiple LaserWriters, a fax modem, Print to Disk utility, etc. This program will only
work with System 7.

Leonard Rosenthol
On-line addresses:
AppleLink: MACgician
GEnie: MACgician
America Online: MACgician

How To Use the BBS:
This is a short document that explains how to log into the BMUG BBS. It isn’t complete
and will be updated as time goes on. The BBS is having its menu structure changed and
these changes will be included in this when they are finished.

MacLook 1.0:
Maclook is a program that can open up various graphic images, such as PICT and MacPaint pictures.

Jay Riley
Jay Riley on the BMUG BBS

This is sort of a "ResEdit Junior." In some ways it’s easier to use and faster.
Be sure and read the manual. It needs to be installed in a particular way to work correctly.

Shareware Fee: $35 ($45 outside the US)
Bob Daniel
1156 W. 103rd St., Suite #150
Kansas City, MO 64114
816 942-5226.

SCSI Info:
SCSI Info is a cdev (a Control Panel document which goes inside your System Folder)
that can give you information regarding your hard disk. It can also mount hard disk drives.

Shareware: The author asks to send what you think it’s worth. So do send something.
SCSI Info is a useful program.

Bob Easterday
522 Loumena Ln.
San Jose, CA 95111

Search Files:
This program will search for text strings within text and other files.
While it isn’t fast, it does work well. It can also launch applications from itself as well.

Shareware Fee: $12
Differential Development
P.O. Box 1044
Harvard Square Station
Cambridge, MA 02238

This is your basic terminal program. Try it. With it you can log into the BMUG BBS
and see what it’s like.

Shareware Fee: $20.00
James Rhodes
9200 N Normandale #2203, Fort Worth, Texas 76116.
817 244-7833.

Disable Trash:
Have you ever wanted to turn off the trash? This INIT (a startup document which goes
inside your System Folder) will stop people from emptying the trash.

Malcolm Davidson.

Architecture: 68k