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BMUG Fall 90

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Membership_Disk-Fall_90.sit (391.71 KB)
MD5: 69ddaf1e32c6042af96743e422a5aca5
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: SheepShaver,

BMUG membership disk from Fall 1990.
From the file "What's on this Disk"

Some of the programs on this disk are Shareware.

David A. Bailey
7030 Enright Drive
Citrus Heights,CA 95621
Shareware Fee 19.95

A nice looking program that gives you detailed biorhythms from the dates that you give. It can compare two separate biorhythm as well as save your biorhythms in different graphic formats such as PICT or MacPaint.


A nice graphic program that should keep you entertains for a minute or so. Be sure and make a copy before you run the program.

Chris Chrisensen
6901 Chiala
San Jose,CA 95129
Shareware Fee $5

Columns is a game in which one attempts to manipulate patterned tiles in order to form sequences of three boxes of the same pattern arranged,horizontally,vertically,diagonally. In other words,any 3 patterns win points. This game has addicted more people who work and volunteer at BMUG than any other game.

Michael D.Speir
3001 Horatio #9
Tampa,FL 33609
Shareware Fee $15

A game where you have to make words from a word list. It's vaguely like the game Boggle.

Kid Pix
Craig Hickman
615 East 39th Ave
Eugene,OR 97405

A easy to use painting program . Lots of tools and can save in PICT and MacPaint format.

TermWorks 1.3
James Rhodes
9200 N Normandale #2203
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Shareware Fee $20

A easy to use program that you can use to tour the BMUG BBS or Compuserve. It supports macros as can save as a text file everything that comes across your screen.

Michael Kahl
Symantec Corp.
135 South Rd
Bedford MA 01730

Grabber is a cdev/INIT that operates anywhere where there is a scroll bar.Hold down the right keys and click, and the cursor will change to a hand. You can now scroll by dragging the hand around.
Give the hand a "push" and the scrolling will continue even when you release the mouse button. The rate of scrolling will decrease gradually,
due to friction.

Kent R. Glenn
Computer Trend, Inc.
4545 N. 36th. Street, Suite# 111
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Shareware Fee $10

SureSaver is an INIT that will automatically save the file that you are working on in most applications at a user specified time.

Bruce Tomlin
15801 Chase Hill Blvd. #109
San Antonio, TX 78256-1037
Shareware Fee $15

Soundmaster allows you to connect sounds to actions on your Macintosh. It can make your Mac talk when you eject a disk or open a folder.

TypeIt4 Me

Riccardo Ettore
Attn. TypeIt4Me
67 rue de la limite
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem, BELGIUM
Shareware Fee $25

TypeIt4 Me will allow you to set up abbreviations and have it type them the full text wherever you are entering text.

Richard De Luca
Poly Data enr.
P.O.Box 1492
Acton Vale, Qc Canada
0H 1A0
Shareware Fee $10

A program that will catalog your floppies and hard disk drives. be sure and save your disks list as text file.

Michael Conrad
955 Escalon Ave. #505
Sunnyvale, CA. 94086
Shareware Fee $8

A nice and and handy desk accessory text processor.


Use SoundMaster to play these sounds

Architecture: 68k