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Blank Board Serializer

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
BlankBoardSerializer_v3T106693-6430.dmg (10.75 MB)
MD5: f1e9a8768667bbc9a685c5eb982530c7
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
BlankBoardSerializer_11_063-7137.dmg (10.55 MB)
MD5: 096df945dbd60538ba3a507b2e716550
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
BlankBoardSerializer_113T106.dmg (10.76 MB)
MD5: d8dc06bbf4cd0ceb39b618ae90eaedaf
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
MBPr-2013-BBS.dmg (19.09 MB)
MD5: 8dc2b9f6b9eebb5077643946d9bf7987
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A program in ->firmware<- for 'burning' a unique serial number onto circuit logicboards that up to now have 'blank' unspecified serials, usually because its board has been replaced with a newly minted replacement part. This software doesn't allow changing any existing serial to a new one. This program wasn't for public consumption, but for service personnel only. At Apple, the creation of this was codenamed project Monaco.

dL #1 is version 3T106 date 2007, dual boots both PowerPC (Open Firmware) & intel (EFI).

dL #2 is a newer version for intel EFI only date 2010.

dL #3 is something I made, installed the PowerPC version onto dL2 so that it dual boots once again, with the latest version of both kinds.

dL #4 is something @MacNB made that allows BBS to boot on MacBooks made after 2013 (i.e. Intel EFI)

If you know how to install, bless, and boot images, on partitions or on USB, then you can avoid 'burning' one or more of these dmgs to cds.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

This is a firmware program.
You must boot into a partition (or disc) containing it.
It can't be run from Mac OS.


csilva3000's picture
by csilva3000 - 2020, December 14 - 12:26pm

thanks a lot!!!!!
dl #4 worked for me. iMac late 2013 with catalina
and previously I tried almost every solution I found in google, but without results

bawzkii's picture
by bawzkii - 2020, November 13 - 2:35pm


cocorayo's picture
by cocorayo - 2020, September 16 - 3:48pm

Hey, I'm also looking to fix my serial number thing with the blank board serializer. When I mount it I get this error:
Source volume format on device "/dev/disk2s2" is not valid for restoring
Error de OSStatus 1 Error

Any advise? I'm really starting to get desperate Sad

MacNB's picture
by MacNB - 2020, September 8 - 8:22pm

You are welcome.
I'm glad you got there in the end.

Wes's picture
by Wes - 2020, September 8 - 9:42am

@ MacNB,

That worked and my serial number has been restored.

MacNB's picture
by MacNB - 2020, September 7 - 7:05pm

Downloading the MD5 file is incorrect. THat's just a "checksum" or "hash" file that you can double check against that the downloaded DMG's checksum matches what was uploaded.

You should just click on the WWW link and NOT the MD5 link.
That will download the DMG actual DMG.

Then follow the guide :

but use one of the DMG's uploaded here.

Wes's picture
by Wes - 2020, September 7 - 5:03pm

Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried on both Lion on a Mac Pro 1.1 and on Catalina on a MacBook Pro 2015. Perhaps I am doing something wrong in the way I am trying to mount it? I used the #4 i.e. MBPr-2013-BBS(yours?).dmg which which would not mount. I am not too familiar with making bootable memory sticks. the procedure I tried to use was to take off the .md5 suffix and the double click on the .dmg file to mount it and then use the restore function in Disk utility to create the bootable stick. I did this with_ssps_693-6430-01.dmg which I downloaded from another site earlier and managed to create the stick but that version would not work with the MacBook 2015. I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly. Thanks

MacNB's picture
by MacNB - 2020, September 7 - 3:26pm

@Wes, I did not upload BlankBoardSerialiser_113T106.dmg.
I uploaded #dl 4 only.
However, I have no problem downloading & mounting BlankBoardSerialiser_113T106.dmg on my Catalina macOS.
Which macOS are you trying it on and which Mac ?
Have you tried my version ?

Wes's picture
by Wes - 2020, September 7 - 7:08am

Thanks MacNB for loading the post 2013 version of BBS. Unfortunately I cannot mount the the file BlankBoardSerialiser_113T106.dmg. I have downloaded it several times and tried on two different computers. When I click on the dmg I get a warning notification: "The following disk images could not be opened..... BBS-113 ... not recognised".

Any thoughts, advice? Thanks

MacNB's picture
by MacNB - 2020, September 3 - 1:12pm

There are a few sites that is sharing this BBS solution.
Though it works for older Mac's, newer (post 2013) Mac's are not capable of booting the posted DMG's.
Basically, Apple (in their infinite wisdom) changed their EFI firmware that prevents the older posted DMG's (#1 to #3) to boot. You will typically see Error: 8000000000000003, Cannot load 'EFI/Drivers/TestSupport.efi'.

Even if you manage to boot the DMG, you might see and an error 460 at the last stage of writing the Serial Number.

I got hold of Apple Service Diagnostics EFI DMG (ASD) which is a low level diagnostics boot disk for Apple Mac's that is used by Apple and it's Service partners. There are different versions of ASD for various models of Mac's (iMac's and Macbook's).
I took the MacBook Pro retina (MBPr) Late 2013 ASD EFI DMG
I took the Apps folder and the diag.env file from BBS version 063-7137 copied them to this ASD DMG and created a new DMG (dl #4) boot disk.

That new DMG now boots on the MBPr Late 2013 and I was able to enter and write the Serial number to the blank Logic Board successfully.

The new DMG I posted is MBPr-2013-BBS.dmg (dl #4).

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2020, January 21 - 12:15am

dL 3 just added is supposed to dual-boot (PPC+ intel) the two known latest versions.

crazynachos's picture
by crazynachos - 2020, January 20 - 2:41pm

Please upload the latest version.