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BioOreo Pro

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MD5: b2c3e03fccc53f5017b5cc951e6d5521
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
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BioOreo Pro is the 3D character animation tool used to create the animated dinosaurs in Nanosaur. This tool’s predecessor, BioOreo was used to do the animated characters in Weekend Warrior.

The main difference between BioOreo and BioOreo Pro is that BioOreo Pro uses “skinned” geometries instead of “jointed” geometries. What this means is that BioOreo Pro performs animation on a 3D model by deforming a single contiguous mesh. This results in a much more realistic looking animation than was previously possible using segmented models. When a leg moves, the skin is stretched and deformed just like the real thing.

Architecture: PPC