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BGBinstall.bin (7.74 MB)
MD5: caedaaa1ee0175733612bc62e5418a49
For Mac OS 9
This software is still available for purchase
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Developed by Frank Berger, BGBlitz is a world class backgammon player. From the dev's website: "BGBlitz 2.2.4 has won the Backgammon competition at the 12th Computer Olympiad in Amsterdam 2007 and thus repeated its success from the 8th Computer Olympiad in Graz (2003) and the 7th Computer Olympiad in Maastricht (2002)".

The application is still actively developed for OS X, Windows, and Linux, and is available for download from the vendor's website at A license key can be acquired from the vendor's website and can be applied to any working installation. The installer for Mac OS 9 has been removed from the BGBlitz website, presumably due to lack of interest. I found the old binary installer on a storage drive, so I am uploading it here for the pleasure of backgammon players who are also old-time Mac enthusiasts.

Unfortunately the installer doesn't work under a SheepShaver emulation due to some undeclared issue with Java irrespective of the Java version, but I remember installing it long ago under Classic mode on a G4 Power Mac, as well as on a G3 iMac booted into Mac OS 9.2.2. The OS X installer is available for free at the vendor's website.

If you like the game please consider buying a license — it is valid across platforms.

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

OS 9 (and perhaps OS 8.1 upwards) running natively or in classic mode on a PowerPC. SheepShaver emulation sadly wouldn't work.