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Beyond Cyberpunk: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Future

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Beyond_Cyberpunk_v1-5.sit (4.78 MB)
MD5: fdebe59e6c745a66b4053e64ede88b34
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Beyond Cyberpunk: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Future" (1991) Five Floppy

Here is a link to an online version (greatly expanded upon the original):

Here is an excerpt from the preface:
"When we began Beyond Cyberpunk! (BCP), there was no such thing as the World
Wide Web. Hypermedia programs like Apple's HyperCard were the only way to
inexpensively deliver hypertext with linked sounds, images, and animation. We
saw in HyperCard the opportunity to create a compendium of all this
cybercultural output. We wanted to map the territory, but to do so in a way
that allowed the user to explore her own links and interests. We tried to cram
in as much material as we could, covering everthing from high-brow crit theory
to sci-fi lit and films to the wired worlds of hackers/crackers and the zine
publishing scene which was starting to move into cyberspace. The result was a
5.5 megabyte "connect-the-dots" cyber-manifesto. In 1993, we followed up the
first BCP stack with a one-disk update."

Five disk set with case and insert from 1991. One disk update in 1993

Architecture: 68k

Mac Plus or higher
5.5MB of hard disk space
1.5MB of RAM
HyperCard 2.0


Dookie Boot's picture
by Dookie Boot - 2016, February 19 - 8:08am

I finally got around to testing this. The Hypercard runtime version included with the stack (2.1) crashed my 68040 Mac running Mac OS 8.1 after the intro movie- type 11 error- and a restart was necessary. Running the stack manually through Hypercard 2.2 made everything work perfectly. In order to exit, you must hit the exit button on the lower left hand corner of the stack AND afterwards, close the window in the Hypercard 2.2 menu. If you don't, you get the looped Prisoner soundbite as papa described.

Also, this stack DOES include the 1 disk update from 1993. That may not be clear from my original description.

This was an archived installation, so it would be nice if someone could post the original disks in Disk Copy 4.2 format and stuffed for older macs.

papa's picture
by papa - 2015, August 18 - 3:12am

I don't know, although using the copy of HyperCard that comes with the stack instead of the version installed on my hard disk (version 2.4) makes the PlayMovie warning go away.

... However, the BCP stack opened with the included version of HyperCard goes into a loop when I try to exit and won't let me get back to Finder. (The Prisoner's parting, "Be seeing you!" is a nice ironic touch, but is it intentionally ironic that there is no way out of the BCP Village?)

Dookie Boot's picture
by Dookie Boot - 2015, August 17 - 10:41pm

That's great papa!

Do you think the errors are due to it being run in OS9, on a G4, or the stack itself?

papa's picture
by papa - 2015, August 17 - 6:38pm

The stack seems to run fine on my G4 Cube under OS 9.2.2.

Only slight problems are warning message "PlayMovie: Not enough memory to initialize" being displayed during startup, and some text panels having text that runs past the bottom edge of the panel with no apparent way to scroll the text.

But it's great to be able to finally see this work in its original medium. Very different aesthetic sense and monitor revolution in those days. I suspect some of the perspectives have not aged well, either. Such is the way of the world.

papa's picture
by papa - 2015, August 17 - 1:09pm

This is a great catch! I'll download it and see if I can get it to work. Thank you!

Dookie Boot's picture
by Dookie Boot - 2015, August 15 - 9:40am

Ok, after searching all over The Information Superhighway®, I finally found this. The upload is in img format and compressed with Stuffit according to the original uploader. I don't have access to a working Macintosh right now so I don't know if it works. If it does work, hopefully someone will reupload it in proper DiskCopy 4.2 images and restuff it. Merry Christmas.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2015, January 22 - 10:14pm

If you can't get it, there is a Beyond Cyberpunk Sampler on the SoftwareVAULT CD under Hypercard/Entertainment that could go here as second prize

papa's picture
by papa - 2015, January 22 - 1:39pm

Good luck! I tried to track down this hyperstack last year with no luck, including mail to the author that were never answered. Would be great to have it available on MG.

Dookie Boot's picture
by Dookie Boot - 2015, January 22 - 11:18am

I'm working on it. The pics I posted are from a former owner on Low End Mac. I've got leads on two owners so I'm waiting for replies.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2015, January 22 - 9:53am

Any chance for this to be uploaded to Macintosh Garden website ?