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BBS in a Box VII, VIII, IX

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BBS_in_a_Box_IX.iso_.sit (488.02 MB)
MD5: 1ccb4ff068dbf9dadf714b2841a8ac64
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Arizona Mac Users Group (AMUG) "BBS in a Box" released in 1993, featuring public domain software and shareware.

In all, this series spanned 25 volumes, from the original in 1991 to the four-disc "BBS in a Box 24" (1998) and one-disc supplement "BBS in a Box 25" (1999). It was succeeded by the AMUG DVD Collection in 2000.

See also: BBS in a Box IV, V & VI, BBS in a Box X, XI & XII, BBS in a Box XIII


If you have any of BBS in a Box Vols. 1–3, 12, or 14–25, please upload them!


Architecture: 68k