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Baton Mail

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MD5: ab7ada46f3b5c6a071ffec2731ab7336
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, QEMU

Baton Mail v0.9.8b

Baton Mail allows you to add mail authentication to your older email clients.

With SPAM on the rise, most ISPs have added the need to authenticate before being able to send email thru their servers. With older email clients (like Claris Emailer, Eudora Lite, or just about any mail client older than the last year or two), this authentication ability is missing. Baton Mail adds this ability by acting as a private mail relay station

Baton Mail is a small application that you run in the background on your computer. You configure your email client to send outbound email to Baton Mail, which in turn performs any necessary authentication with your ISPs mail server, and then relays the outbound mail.

In addition, some ISPs have have begun blocking all SMTP traffic that is not going to their mail server. As a result, some companies have started allowing SMTP traffic on ports other than the standard SMTP port. Again, many older mail clients don't allow you to change which port mail is sent out on, preventing you from using a company mail server instead of your ISP's. Baton Mail can come to the rescue here as well, by allowing you to assign what port you want to connect over.

Baton Mail also works with AOL accounts, allowing you access to send out AOL email without using the AOL mail client. This can allow you to use your AOL account in conjunction with any email sending software.

And finally, Baton Mail supports multiple account configuration files. With this, you can use Location Managers "Auto Open Items" to change your Baton Mail settings when you change locations. This makes it painless to change mail servers when traveling.

Excerpt: Baton Mail v0.9.8b web page (Wayback Machine)

This is the final version of Baton Mail from 2002. It was released as a freeware.

Architecture: 68k

Baton Mail v0.9.8b is a 68k encoded application. It runs OK on PPC Macintosh.