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Basilisk_II for Android

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MD5: d5a846e2160438501e756222136f550b
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8 - 8.1
Guides on emulating older applications

Basilsik II, the well known Mac 68k emulation has an Android port, as many here will know.
The DL includes build versions 01 to 05.
01 is targeted at droid devices with Android 1.6 or better.
02, 03 and 04 are meant for droid versions 2.3.2 and up, version 05 is for Android 4.3 better.

The BII build has some limitations otherwise unknown with current builds:
Only four disc images can be mounted at a given time with a size each not exceeding 2GB.
No Just In Time compiler.
Networking via SLIRP is not possible.
(other limitations may exist, which I´m not aware of)

Other than that BII is running fine with many Android devices.
As with all other BII builds, sound is working oob. Same for resolution and colour depth switching in MacOS.
If you plan to use a handheld device, I would recommend configuring the volume-up button of your phone as left mouse button (Mac). That way click or double click should work as expected.
You will know that Basilisk II is configured by a rather simple text file.
If you want a screen resolution other than the presets given in the SDL GUI, you may edit the .basilisk_ii_prefs file manually with your favourite text editor on you phone.
The prefs file is usually located at /Android/data/net.cebix.basilisk/files.
For my four inch phone (screenshots above) I found a 640x400 screen a good solution for readability and aspect ratio.

With fairly new devices running Android 7 or 8, you will likely run into trouble.
I tried an Android 8.1 phone, where it was not possible to run MacOS correctly.
MacOS needs write access, at least to its System volume, and just that is prevented by the newer droids permission management.
Setting up a new Mac volume via the SDL GUI should cure that, but for me the Volumes/Create button did nothing in Android 8.1.

Lets hope Lubomyr may find the time to update his great Basilisk II port some day.