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Badia Vistas 1.5

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For Mac OS X
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This app works with: SheepShaver,

Badia Vistas 1.5 QXP 6.x - Navigation from a different viewing point

is a free XTension for QuarkXPress™ that introduces a floating palette to help you quickly navigate through your document. It displays a color thumbnail of the active spread and incorporates several tools for handling views. You will be able to jump quickly to a specific point in the spread with a single click of the mouse, or zoom in to any area by dragging the mouse over the thumbnail. Vistas also provides a slider to zoom in and out interactively, a button for going back to the previous view and a pop-up menu to display a different spread in the document.


To display a certain area of the spread in your document window, click or drag on the Vistas palette. If you drag the mouse over the palette, your document will zoom in or out to fit the area outlined in the Vistas palette within your document window.

The Zoom Slider

The Zoom Slider allows you to decrease or increase the view percentage in real time. You can zoom in and out between 10% and 800% (Maximum view
in Windows).

Back to Previous View button

Every time you change to a new view, you can click on Vistas’ Back to Previous View button to display the previous view. You can toggle between the two most recent views by clicking on this button again. Note: the Back to Previous View button cannot be used when you switch from document to master pages, or vice versa.

Quick, Smart Navigation

The Vistas palette also allows you to jump quickly to a different spread. Click on the Jump to Spread button. All the spreads in the document will be shown with their corresponding page numbers on a pop-up menu. Select any spread from this pop-up menu. The spread you choose will become the active spread. If you select a spread while holding down the Option (Mac OS) or Ctrl (Windows) key, it will be shown on the Vistas palette, but will not become the active spread. Here’s an example: suppose you want to quickly find a certain box in your document that you have to copy. Instead of scrolling your document window, use the Vistas palette to browse through the spreads by holding down the Option (Ctrl) key. Once you find the box, click or drag on the Vistas palette to where that box is located. Copy the box from your document window. Now, without altering the current view, click on the Back to Previous View button. You are instantly back to the original location in the document.

Showing/Hiding the Vistas Palette

If you need to close the Vistas palette, click on its Close Box or select Hide Badia Vistas from the Window menu. To display it again, select Show Badia Vistas from the Window menu.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)