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AudioClips - Star Trek: The Logical Collection

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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Sound Source Unlimited Inc. of Westlake Village, Calif., has come up with not one but two packages of what it calls 'Soundware.' Both packages feature sounds from the original 'Star Trek' television series.

Once you load 'Soundware,' you can assign any sound it contains to various functions your computer performs like starting up, shutting down, inserting a floppy disk or changing disk drives.

Then whenever that function is performed, the sound plays.

For example, you turn on the computer and Spock's voice -- digitized directly from the original television tapes -- announces: 'Computing now.'

It's really disturbing and not very professional. It's also fun.

In addition to dialogue, there are sound effects and music cues from the original television series.

The sound effects and music can be used with a variety of sound-generating programs such as MacroMind Director and Symmetry's Mariah. But they really shine when used with the SoundMaster utility that comes packed with either Soundware package.

SoundMaster comes configured with the 'SoundWare' as a Macintosh control panel device so you can change the settings on the fly, selecting music or sound effects for everyday Mac functions.

Soundware Volume One contains something called 'the Logical Collection, all you'd expect in a debut library.'

That includes such things as Sulu saying 'bridge to Captain,' and Scotty's fervent, 'It will never work!'

On the sound-effects front, you can use the transporter. It sounds just like it did on TV. And it might be interesting to arrange to have the sound played whenever you copy a file.

  — United Press International

One of the sounds installed by the first disk, "Button Sequence 1", is an empty file. It can be found intact in an earlier release of this product, for which we lack images of original media.

Architecture: 68k