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Astrolog 2.25 FPU

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

Astrolog version 2.25 (June 1992)

Astrolog (pronounced astro-log; astro as in astronomy, log as is
logarithm) is an astrology calculation program written in C. Its main
function is to calculate birthcharts and give accurate positions of
planets, various asteroids, stars, and house positions at particular
times, but it also supports different display formats, forms of chart
comparisons, and other astrology related functions, including graphics
charts and animation for X11.

Astrolog works best when run on a Unix system with X windows, however
neither Unix nor X11 are needed in order to be able to run the
program. The X11 features can easily be compiled out for those who
don't have them, and various users have gotten this and previous
versions of the program compiled properly on VMS, MS-DOS, and Mac
systems with only a couple of modifications necessary, most of those
changes of which I have tried to include in this version of the code.

IMPORTANT: The planetary calculation routines used in this program
have been Copyrighted and the core of this program is basically a
conversion to C of the routines created by James Neely as listed in
Michael Erlewine's 'Manual of Computer Programming for Astrologers',
available from Matrix Software. The copyright gives us permission to
use the routines for our own purposes but not to sell them or profit
from them in any way.

IN ADDITION: the graphics database and chart display routines used in
this program are Copyright (C) 1991-1992 by Walter D. Pullen. Permission
is granted to freely use and distribute these routines provided one
doesn't sell, restrict, or profit from them in any way. Modification
is allowed provided these notices remain with any altered or edited
versions of the program.

To compile this version 2.25, first edit the top of the file
astrolog.h, putting in your own appropriate values for the default
longitude, latitude, time zone, and default search directory. (In the
same manner, also edit the default paramater values in the file
astrolog.dat.) Also comment out any of the #defines which set various
features that aren't valid on your system, such as the X11, TIME, and
SWITCHES variables, and edit or comment out the DEFAULT_SYSTEM and
ASTEROIDS variables to your tastes. Then, for unix systems, run the
command 'make' on the Makefile (or you can always compile by hand: "cc
-O -c *.c; cc -o astrolog *.o -lm -lX11" will do it; just make sure to
compile each source file and link them together at the end with the
math and X11 libraries.)

Note: The file 'Helpfile' that comes with this distribution is a ~100K
file that lists lots of information about the program and how to use
the different features and options, which you will want to read. Due
to its length, that file had to be split into two parts: Helpfile.p1
and Helpfile.p2 - You will want to concatenate these parts back
together again. Use your favorite editor to do this, or if you are on
a unix system, do the command: cat Helpfile.p1 Helpfile.p2 > Helpfile.
The file 'History' is also a lengthy file split into two parts which
should be recombined in the same manner.

Enjoy the program! May you have as much fun with it as I have. Send
comments to my e-mail address below.

| Walter D. "Cruiser1" Pullen | |
| "Who am I, What am I? As I am, I am not. But as we are, I AM. And to |
- you my creation, My Perfect Love is your Perfect Freedom. And I will be -
| with you forever and ever, until the End, and then forever more." - GOD |

Architecture: 68k