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Arturia Storm

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Arturia_Storm_1.5.toast (589.39 MB)
MD5: 24d7c80a8838450363ea002f4de04744
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
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From France come Arturia and their Storm 1.5 Virtual Home Studio software. This cross-platform (PC or MAC) program is a complete standalone music sequencer program that supports ASIO drivers and will also run as an VST instrument within programs like Cubase and Logic Audio. Storm includes many native modules and instruments for the creation and processing audio and will import samples in a variety of formats such as .mp3, .wav or .aiff.

For drums and rhythm instruments, you can choose between the Meteor module, the Puma exotic percussion drum machine, Psion for electro percussion or Hork for acoustic drum sounds. For synth sounds there is: Orpheus, a completely programmable 16-voice polyphonic synth; Arsenic for 64 vintage analog bass sounds; Bass 52, a bass guitar synth; Equinoxe, a chord sequencing analog synth; and then Tsunami, a 64 preset analog drum machine.

You will create a complete virtual rack of synths, drum machines, samplers and effect processors all automatically connected together to the full-feature sequencer program. Storm has H30, a sample sequencer for the integration of samples with synths automatically modifying their beat and tonality. Eztrack allows stereo recordings from external sources while Double Deck mixing works as a virtual DJ rig. Mixing effects include eight studio standards such as: delays, flange, distortion, and many filters. New for version 1.5 is: a new sequencer with improved VST and MIDI modes, multiple output connections, Windows XP support, ACID file support, and faster audio export.

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2
300mhz G3 or faster
64mb RAM
VST compatible host to use the VST instrument