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Arboretum 4.5 +

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Ionizer 1.3 is an unusually helpful audio editing plugin for most VST compatible audio editing programs like Peak, Cubase, or the HyperEngine contained in this CD (no license required for the version here ), that allows one to analyze the EQ curves of one recording and apply them to another and to reduce tape hiss.

Frequency Morphing enables you to map the spectral profile from any recording (or any sound) onto any other piece of audio. Do you like the equalization of one song? Alter any other song to have similar characteristics.

Ionizer is also a much more effective tool for reducing recording tape hiss than Ray Gun (included) or the CD Spin Doctor that comes with Toast, giving less flanging distortion. You select a "silent" portion of the recording, or use the Noise Button to have Ionizer make an "educated guess" about where the noise is. The resulting frequency analysis is then turned into software sliders of a 512 band equalizer to reduce the amplitude at the needed frequencies. The Automatic Tracking function will ride the noise level in your signal so that Ionizer thresholds will be raised and lowered to match the changing amplitude of the noise signature, resulting in much smoother, more pleasing results.

See also: Arboretum 3.0


Arboretum 4.5 with Arboretum Harmony, Restoration-NR™, Hyperprism™, Ionizer™, Ray Gun™, Realizer Pro™, and HyperEngine™

This is a Hybrid CD-ROM for Windows 95/98/NT and Mac OS computers. This CD contains our whole product line, but you only have access to the products you have purchased. Each product requires an individual serial number to unlock it's installer. . . . Please feel free to check out our demo section. This disc contains the following items:

In order to unlock the Harmony, Hyperprism, Ionizer and/or Ray Gun products, you'll need your unique serial number, please refer to the Serial Number card which is located in your box or in your CD-ROM sleeve or pocket. . .

Architecture: PPC

Windows 95/98/NT, Mac OS 7 to 9.


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