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AquaWeb / AquaVid

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Introducing AquaWeb, an all-in-one adaptation of TenFourFoxPEP built into heavily modified TenFourFoxBoxes in order to bring high performance general browsing to Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard.

In addition, it is accompanied by AquaVid, a simple venue to quickly stream embedded YouTube videos on all PowerPC machines. AquaVid is also an efficient medium for acquiring URLs for PowerPC Media Center.

TenFourFox is required; Quartz Extreme graphics are recommended.


[ DL 1 ] - AquaWeb, a fast solution for browsing the modern Web on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
Built on DuckDuckGo Lite.

[ DL 2 ] - AquaVid, an equally fast solution for streaming embedded YouTube videos and / or acquiring URLs.
MP4 libraries are not required for video playback.

[ DL 3 ] - AquaVid Plus, an alternative solution for smoother video playback on 1.25 GHz G4s and up.
MP4 libraries are required for video playback.


Usage Tips:

o Select Home under the Box menu within the Menu Bar to return to the home page.

o Press Command + Shift + U to copy the current page URL to the system clipboard.

o Press Command + R to reload the page, press Command + Left to go back a page, and press Command + Right to go forward a page.

o To finely scrub through videos in AquaVid, double-click the left or right side of the video to reverse back ten seconds, or skip ahead ten seconds.

o In AquaVid, click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the video, and set the video quality to 144p for the best playback performance. This setting will be saved, so it should only have to be done once.

o While streaming audio or music playlists via AquaVid, click the yellow "-" button in the top-left corner of the browser window to minimize the video window into the Dock to reduce background resource usage.

o In lieu of full screen browsing, click the green "+" button in the top-left corner of the browser window to maximize the browser window. Note that this will reduce performance, but can be useful in websites that temporarily require a larger viewing area. Click it again to return to the prior state.

o In lieu of tabbed browsing, open a locally saved website link (webloc file, for example on the Desktop) while AquaWeb is active to open a new window. Opening certain links within certain webpages will also provide this result.


[ Only for PowerPC ]


See also: Minecraft PPC, AquaTrimcelerator, AuroraTrimcelerator, TenFourFoxPEP, TenFiveTube, PPCMC 7

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger / Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard


z970's picture
by z970 - 2021, April 11 - 9:34pm

o Replaced Startpage with DuckDuckGo Lite as default AquaWeb search engine for faster browsing performance.

o Made a version of AquaVid that does not require MP4 libraries, enabling machines below 1.25 GHz to stream in-browser audio / video (setting the video resolution to 144p is heavily recommended).

o Rebranded MP4-only version of AquaVid to AquaVid Plus.

o Scrapped AquaWeb SX.

o Scrapped AquaVid IV.

o Simplified Usage Tips.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2021, January 1 - 9:55pm

AquaWeb has received another update in accordance with TenFourFoxPEP 2.2.2, and outside of several minor presentation adjustments, has also been reduced in default size from 800 x 600 to 640 x 480, substantially increasing performance in low-end environments (the maximize button can be temporarily used wherever a larger viewing area is required). The pre-existing (if any) AquaWeb profile folder within the user's Application Support directory will need to removed in advance in order to take advantage of this change, however.

And to those who prefer an all-in-one video solution, AquaVid YT plays 144p videos flawlessly right after starting the video on even a base 1.25 GHz configuration, as required by the TenFourFox MP4 Enabler.

Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2020, November 30 - 11:09am

I just got to leave a "Thank you!" on here too. It's awesome how fast browsing on a G4 can be by focusing on the important stuff only. Thumbs up from me!

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, November 30 - 8:54am

As of last week, all versions of AquaWeb / AquaVid have been updated in accordance with TenFourFoxPEP, presenting a probable ~25% increase in site loading performance and ~50% increase in scrolling smoothness performance over the previous version.

Plus, AquaWeb SX and AquaVid IV have been fixed to redirect to instance directories instead of individual instance addresses, effectively futureproofing them for reliable operation.

Also, they're faster than Leopard WebKit now and can still connect to Wikipedia (whereas Leopard WebKit cannot).

Conal's picture
by Conal - 2020, October 1 - 8:02pm

This is great, it allows me to quickly access YouTube audio podcasts on my old 1Ghz G4. Thanks!

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, September 6 - 8:18am

Added AquaVid IV for those having trouble with YouTube streaming through QuickTime. AquaVid IV is built on Invidious and therefore does not require the MP4 Enabler and can thus be used on 1 GHz machines and below, most fittingly for audio streams.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, August 30 - 12:36am

And now Searx.GNU.Style works on TenFourFox again.

I am going to upload both versions of AquaWeb, for freedom of choice. Starting now, AquaWeb SX will feature the faster Searx backend, and AquaWeb SP will feature the more comprehensive Startpage backend.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, August 22 - 5:55pm

... And just my luck, Searx.GNU.Style stopped working with TenFourFox.

AquaWeb has been reconfigured to go to instead, which is still faster than DuckDuckGo, anyway.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, August 17 - 4:51am

AquaWeb and AquaVid have been updated to 2.1 in accordance with foxPEP 2.1 Humility.

Besides that, AquaWeb has been modified to go to Searx.GNU.Style instead of DuckDuckGo for both faster search results, faster image rendering, and faster website loading, and AquaVid has been made to not suck anymore by redirecting video streams to QuickTime Player (which, unlike embedded HTML5 video, does not kill the CPU). Besides enabling G3 usage once again, this also makes it the most performant YouTube solution since TenFourTube, which was the original goal it set out to achieve in the first place.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, May 11 - 11:38pm

The AquaThings have been updated to 1.9 in accordance with foxPEP v1.9, carrying all the same advancements.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, April 6 - 5:49am

AquaWebVid has been updated to version 1.8.1.

AquaVid has been reverted to, due to the recent YouTube API change breaking all frontends. (R.I.P. key-less Tonvid.)

And thanks to the newest foxPEP framework, performance gains have been made in most all fronts.

Great browsers for sub-1 GHz Macs. Give them a try.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, July 10 - 6:39am

AquaWeb and AquaVid have received update 1.6.

The browsers' innards have been completely redesigned in accordance with an upcoming version of foxPEP for smoother, faster, and more stable operation, while bringing other smaller changes.

Merry Christmas.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2019, November 6 - 12:33am

The AquaBrowsers have returned new and improved, in the form of 1.4.1!

Numerous tweaks have been backported from the unreleased PowerUOC v2, among all the prior adjustments from 1.4.


macanalista's picture
by macanalista - 2019, November 5 - 10:43pm

I'd like having that browser but it looks that is not anymore available to download here?

corgski's picture
by corgski - 2019, November 5 - 9:50pm

Are there download links?

z970's picture
by z970 - 2019, November 5 - 11:57pm

AquaWeb and AquaVid have been updated to version 1.4, this likely being their last update.

AquaWeb's browsing and rendering speeds have been improved, while AquaVid now streams videos noticeably smoother, thanks to a new YouTube front-end.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2019, October 23 - 5:39am

AquaWeb and AquaVid have been updated to version 1.3.

Adjustments have been made for a smoother, more pleasant user experience.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2019, October 22 - 4:13pm

AquaWeb and AquaVid have been updated to version 1.2.

This version brings hosts of improvements to rendering, page loading, and general usability.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2019, October 15 - 11:52pm

Public Service Announcement:

The Ultimate FF45 Prefs have been adjusted to fix an issue with image rendering on sites like eBay.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2019, October 9 - 8:09pm

Added a universal adaption of the combined AquaWeb prefs file that (should) work across all platforms running Firefox 45, potentially even Firefox 52.

Just replace your current prefs.js file and enjoy the speed.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, October 1 - 4:24pm

That's pretty cool. Definitely giving this a try!

z970's picture
by z970 - 2019, October 1 - 4:14pm

The AquaWeb/Vid prefs are completely self-contained, separate from the system TFF.

They coexist nicely.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, October 1 - 2:08pm

I have a question: will all the optimization settings of these TFF boxes interfere/overwrite the settings of TFF installation itself? Or can multiple settings coexist?