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AppleShare IP 6.3.3 & D-6.3.1

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AppleShareIP633.ZIP (23.77 MB)
MD5: 2d5749b0a3b094fe632b01b01cd343c6
For Mac OS 9
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ASIP633v1.3CD.ZIP (22.94 MB)
MD5: 3c1a884477e6843ef0975ba0a3e8ee4e
For Mac OS 9
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AppleShare_IP_D-631_OS_9.sit (19.81 MB)
MD5: b5ef876757a31c9cd9620088b83f6502
For Mac OS 9
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AppleShare_IP_632DE_updates.sit (4.49 MB)
MD5: 2f7734cf83f4d33170a74a55659004d6
For Mac OS 9
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MacintoshManager2.2.2_OS922.sit (10.57 MB)
MD5: bd571a703abb50a3b1106c6e551107d0
For Mac OS 9
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Macintosh_Manager_1.3-1.41.sit (11.57 MB)
MD5: 563d2d4db496b4afa6dee8d8bfe04bf5
For Mac OS 9
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D-Macintosh_Manager_1.3-1.41.sit (11.76 MB)
MD5: d1eb8e7e21dcac3266692024dcf3c3b8
For Mac OS 9
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NetCloak_2.1.2_free_copy.sit (622.45 KB)
MD5: f61719a2456adfb29899a0072dd1798a
For Mac OS 9
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Guides on emulating older applications

AppleShare IP 6.3.3 provides support for the latest system software, Mac OS 9.1 and later, and includes these additional enhancements:
- A new version of client software, AppleShare Client 3.8.8, is provided on the AppleShare IP 6.3.3 CD.
- The maximum number of simultaneous SMB connections is increased to 500.
- SMB drives will always stay mounted on client computers connected to an AppleShare IP server.
- Reading and writing is synchronized when applications running on the server share a file with applications running on a client.

Other enhancements and bug fixes since AppleShare IP 6.3 are:

- Improved performance and increased reliability.
- Client computers that connect to the server using SMB can always view all items available in a directory.
- Improved performance of the IMAP server.
- You can enable the "Start server on system startup" checkbox after using the AppleShare IP 6.3.1 Update package.
- Improved file server security against denial of service attacks.
- You can use Mac OS Admin remotely to change a folder's explicit privileges. In previous versions you could not do this if you set a folder to inherit access privileges of the enclosing sharepoint.
- A security fix to the web server in versions of AppleShare IP 6.1 and later. Invalid range requests are handled correctly.

The first download is the original version of AppleShare IP 6.3.3. The second download is the AppleShare IP 6.3.3 v1.3 which provides Mac OS 9.2.2 compatibility.

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added a german version: AppleShare IP D-6.3.1 for Mac OS 9
(the admin app "can" be installed addionally on a Mac OS 8.6 HD for remote control)
There's an image called "AppleShare HD" inside the file.
The contents must be copied to the folders of your
Mac OS 9.x HD. A 6.x serial number has to be inserted
when the server app is opened.
D-6.3.1 was successfully installed on a PowerBook 3400c (PowerPC 603ev) without fooling the installer.

See also:

AppleShare 2.0.1, AppleShare Client 3.x, AppleShare 4.0.2, AppleShare 4.2.2, AppleShare IP 5.0.2, AppleShare IP 6.1

Architecture: PPC

To install or upgrade to AppleShare IP 6.3.3 you must have a Power Macintosh G4 Cube, iMac, Power Macintosh, Macintosh Server, or Workgroup Server with a PowerPC G4, G3, 604e, 604, 603e 6500 series, or 601 microprocessor that has the following installed:

- Mac OS 9.1 OR Mac OS 9.1 with Mac OS ROM 6.7.1 (Multi-processor Macintoshes must have Mac OS 9.1 with Mac OS ROM 6.7.1 for support with AppleShare IP 6.3.3.)

- AppleShare IP version 6.3 or later

- For Client machines, Apple recommends using AppleShare Client 3.8.8. If the client machine does not already have version 3.8.8 installed, follow the instructions provided in the About AppleShare Client 3.8.8 document provided on the AppleShare IP 6.3.3 CD to install version 3.8.8.


roto31's picture
by roto31 - 2020, October 23 - 5:15pm

This app is great!!
I was able to install it and setup FTP to allow my Catalina machine to connect to my PowerMacG4 MDD running MacOS 9.2.2. Catalina will not connect to the MacOS 9.2.2 machine over IP being AppleShare is long gone from the OS. If anyone is looking for a more direct route to do this without a "bridge machine" this application is probably the shortest distance between two points Smile
Update: I am using CyberDuck to transfer files to my MDD on MacOS 9.2.2 from my macOS 10.15.7 2010 MacPro. Again, I highly recommend this piece of software for file transfers to a legacy MacOS 9 machine.
Serials which are not provided in the download:
s/n: B-337-ODP-170-PQG-381-ITB-302-QCJ-350 or s/n: B-337-XFX-170-PQG-369-HNX-446-XJT-340 or s/n: B-337-XFX-170-QBI-374-LOM-280-XAZ-340