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AppleShare 2.0.1

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ASFileServer201CLEAN.sit (2.82 MB)
MD5: 4d34bb7ef7fca1fcd3ee42ec27ba989c
For System 6.x
Guides on emulating older applications


Installation Tips - preliminary

To install server on a machine that requires a newer version of System 6 than 6.0.3 (e.g IIci on 6.0.4):

  1. Run Installer on AppleShare Server disk.
  2. Choose to install AppleShare File Server and EtherTalk (if desired/required)
  3. Copy "AppleShare Admin" on AppleShare Administration disk to the System Folder of the volume AppleShare File Server was installed on.
  4. Launch AppleShare Admin application to initialize and configure the server.
  5. AppleShare File Server application will start automatically after the Macintosh is rebooted.
    NOTE: Finder access will be LOCKED out!

To configure the server Macintosh as a nondedicated machine - not mentioned in the manual and is certainly an unsupported configuration

  1. Boot the server Macintosh from floppy or another SCSI ID using cmd-opt-shift-delete-ID# at startup
  2. Select the server boot volume in the Finder and execute the Set Startup command.
  3. Set Finder is the startup application.
  4. Rename the boot volume's "Server Folder" to "System Folder" if desired.
  5. Finder will launch for all subsequent boots instead of AppleShare File Server.
  6. To manually start the server, launch the "AShare File Srv" application in the Server/System Folder. The Mac will have to be shut down/restarted with the reset switch to get back into the Finder. AppleShare File Server does not offer any form of quit option.

See also:

AppleShare Client 3.x, AppleShare 4.0.2, AppleShare 4.2.2, AppleShare IP 5.0.2, AppleShare IP 6.1, AppleShare IP 6.3.3

Architecture: 68k


LisaGuide's picture
by LisaGuide - 2019, April 18 - 2:49am

Thank you for your reply. I also tried copying the system folder to a blank image without success. I’ll try it again and I’ll see if I can get it to work.

cheesestraws's picture
by cheesestraws - 2019, April 17 - 5:29pm

I got the "Desktop manager is not open" message when I tried to install it on top of 6.0.8. When I started with a blank hard disc image, copied the System Folder (6.0.3) from the Install disc onto it, then installed the file server, it worked for me. I suspect it may be pickier about system versions than one might wish.

LisaGuide's picture
by LisaGuide - 2019, March 5 - 4:13am

When launching the server admin tool after installing. I receive the following message "The desktop manager is not open...” I do not know how to open it. I followed the instructions provided several times without success. Any help would be appreciated.