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AppleLink CD (Spring 93 Promotional Edition)

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Promotional_ALCD_293.iso (640.59 MB)
MD5: 125ca01e4c6f3221b148c215f330512d
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

CD-ROMs are the rage these days, and Apple just added a new twist with its new AppleLink CD. Since a CD based on an online service rapidly becomes obsolete, I find the CD a tad pricey at $299 per year (or $649 for multiple users), though AppleLink itself is a bit expensive as well. The CD includes the technical information library as well as product data, public articles, bulletin board conferences, and documentation for solutions to hardware and software problems. The CD also offers technical, marketing, and support materials from more than 400 third-party vendors, along with 15 MB of Apple software updates and selections of freeware and shareware.

As a hook, Apple is giving away free sample versions of the CD until 31-Dec-92. I have no idea if the sample CD is crippled, but hey, if it’s free it can’t be all bad, right? To order, call Apple Online Services and ask nicely.

   - excerpt from TidBITS, December 1992

A sampler disc for AppleLink CD, a quarterly offline archive of Apple's defunct AppleLink online service packed into a HyperCard 2.1 stack.

This particular disc lacks many of the downloads from the network, yet makes up for it with a series of archived user group discussions and press releases from Apple and third party developers.

Originally uploaded to the Internet Archive.

See also: AppleLink CD, AppleLink app

Architecture: 68k

Important: Regardless of the system software you use, you must allow at least 2 megabytes of memory to run HyperCard.


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by gingerbeardman - 2021, April 25 - 9:12pm

This version does not have all the files embedded. For that, go to AppleLink CD