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AppleDesign [BOOK]

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!!The archive contains a PDF of the out of print AppleDesign book released in 1997!!

The mythical book that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Apple in 1997.
Written by Paul Kunkel and photos by Rick English.
Slightly cropped due to undersized scanner. OCRed.

Text from the back cover :

The work of the Apple industrial design group. As the first personal computer maker to incorporate world-class industrial design in its products, Apple Computer spearheaded the design of every key feature found on the modern computer. The first to introduce a mass-market PC with a plastic case, the first to popularize the graphical user interface and adopt a consistent industrial design language, Apple's designers created signature products such as the Macintosh, PowerBook and Newton, which transformed the way we think about and use personal computers. This comprehensive twenty-year history details the role that great design has played in the rise of Apple from a suburban garage to a billion-dollar international enterprise. With more than 400 full-color photographs, the book analyzes the design of every significant Apple product, uncovers concepts that were designed but never released and reveals the passion, the turmoil and the triumph of a small group of designers who shaped and gave meaning to the
most important technology of our time. The effort and sacrifice expended to keep the Apple dream alive has been enormous. This is the story of that dream.
By Paul Kunkel - Photographs by Rick English.



Macobyte's picture
by Macobyte - 2020, November 26 - 4:44pm

I've got this book after discovering it at my local Borders like another commenter. It's excellent with an extremely heavy focus on design concepts instead of commonly-known shipping products. It also has a ton of photos that appeared again many years later in frog's retrospective photo book as "never before seen." At the very end of the book are images of concepts that would become the original iMac, the clamshell iBook, and the original AirPort base station, intentionally photographed to be difficult to tell what you're seeing. The only issue with the book is that the copy clearly wasn't edited and is rife with grammatical and spelling errors.

modulusshift's picture
by modulusshift - 2019, February 14 - 7:40pm

Heh, it's immediately obvious this book is a hype book for Job's return. From towards the end of the timeline in the beginning, there's a ton of optimistic thinking:

February 1, 1997. Steve Jobs returns to Apple on a full-time basis; the resurgence begins.

1997-1998. Apple unveils its "Third Decade" product line, which includes consumer and business-oriented CPUs, a new cross-platform computer, PowerBooks, enhanced Newton and eMate products, and a simple Internet computer that will sell for less than $500. The new NextMac operating system is unveiled in January 1998, six months ahead of schedule.

So let's see, the new cross-platform computer would be the CHRP, the simple Internet computer would probably be the Macintosh NC, and both of those projects would combine into the iMac very quickly. Newton and eMate development would be cancelled very soon. And OS X would be three years behind this supposed schedule instead of six months ahead.

Mikethemac02's picture
by Mikethemac02 - 2014, September 29 - 5:33am

I use to owned this book! Brought from "Border Books" before they closed years ago. Seen it being sold on "Amazon" in good condition for a lot of money! I lost the book a year ago!