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Apple TV Commercials

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Collection of 136 mostly 30 seconds each: Apple Computer television commercials created until early 2010, all are in the H.264 format. Some are 60 seconds and two are 90 seconds. 4 are Japanese, 15 are of the U.K., and 4 are very raunchy starring Will Ferrell that maybe never aired.

This ZIPped folder is unmodified to how it appeared on a disc presented by "OWC" Other World Computing ( - when OWC advertised a hardware product of theirs which included 'over 2GB of software and demos', this folder was on that disc.

H.264 video playback requires at least high-versions of OSX 10.4 Tiger and QuickTime updates, or else appropriate third party video players. I intend to convert the entire collection to .mov files viewable in Classic QuickTime, to become (split up) the 2nd thru n downloads.


a collection of video data files.