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Apple TV 1st Generation firmware 1.1.0 (not sure if working)

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2Z694-5248-45.dmg (100.00 MB)
MD5: 5d502dcb564821123dc39264606f6470
For Mac OS X
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This is the system software for the original (silver) Apple TV. I have just ordered a box so I will test the firmware image once that arrives. Until then, please use with caution; I am not responsible for your decision to use ancient and untested software!

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)


MacTheppc's picture
by MacTheppc - 2020, October 15 - 2:58pm

If it doesn't work, the file should be removed until someone finds it

supremeleader573's picture
by supremeleader573 - 2020, April 23 - 4:01pm

Probably. It doesn't even mount, let alone work on the Apple TV. I suspect you are right, I remember using the Wayback Machine for this as I had accidentally updated to Take 2 which I regretted. Now that I think of it, the file was corrupted at the time...

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2020, April 22 - 9:04am

According to this wiki the file should be 179MB (188,072,708 bytes) in size. So the file on this page is incomplete. Maybe a victim of file truncation by the Wayback Machine in the early years?